It is a New Year…

It is the time when lots of us make promises to ourselves about changes we’d like to make over the course of the year…and many of us also fail to follow up on those promises.

As for me, I have a few.  One of my goals for this year involves making some changes to this site.  Nothing overly dramatic…just some improvements.

I’ll be working on that list more over the next few weeks, but I’d love to hear some suggestions from everyone.

What do you like?

What is not so great?

What can we add?

What should we drop?

I’ll throw out some ideas to generate conversation and get some feedback…for example, I’m considering approaching some folks about potentially becoming Authors for the site.  It is sometimes hard for one person to keep the content fresh and updated, but maybe if we had a few folks contributing, it might really work out.

Also, I’m hoping to really shift the focus back to more local topics…things that concern the people around here.  Now, we could stretch it and say that pretty much ANY topic concerns the people around here in some way, but I think you all know what I mean.  What are the things that concern the citizens of Morgan County?  THOSE are the things we really need to be discussing, and I want to find a way to steer things more in that direction.

So, please share ideas…I’d love to hear what you have to say (don’t be TOO harsh!) 🙂

  • Kathy

    One improvement that I would like to see is the “Area News”.
    1. That it’s updated on a regular basis 🙂
    2. That it did NOT direct you to topix.

  • admin

    I will look in to taking care of those issues. Topix doesn’t actually generate those stories…they just sort of collect them from sources all over the internet. It automatically looks for news stories that either feature West Liberty or seem like they are very close to West Liberty.

    The main reason that it doesn’t update very much is that I don’t think there are very many sources out there generating or submitting stories that contain information regarding West Liberty…plus there probably aren’t too many newsworthy things going on around town. 🙂 BUT…it could be expanded to include areas surrounding us, and that would likely result in some more articles.

    Topix really is GREAT for gathering those stories all in one place, but I do agree…if I can find another place to get them, I’d rather do so.