Global warming cancelled…SNOW COMING!!

in the news today, president bush announced that he was canceling his top secret Global Warming initiative in favor of “Operation: Ice Age”. when reached for comment, the president stated that he was getting too much pressure from the “tree huggers”, so he decided to cool things down.

some critics are citing pressure from the special interest group, “Bread and Milk”, to bring colder air to the country. “Bread and Milk” recently made a hefty donation to the republican party. when reached for comment, the director of Bread and Milk said, “I hear snow is coming. Shouldn’t you go to the store??”

as for the president’s decision, he also stated that he really liked the movie “Ice Age”, and that he thought that little “raccoon” that pushed the acorn around was “awfully cute”.

we’ll have more as the story develops.

  • sweettea

    I don’t get it. President Bush had a secret Globle Warming Initiative (to do what, warm things up? thats why its getting warmer)? But now he isn’t doing that anymore (good! i say). I really don’t think that our goverment should be messing aroudn with the whether like that. i mean, are they allowed to do that? i don’t think its right.