Louisiana goes 1-for-2


Saints win! Well, not THESE Saints...their team got moved to Hackensack and never recovered

So, the feel good story came to pass, and the New Orleans Saints brought home the Super Bowl trophy this year.  I thought it was actually a pretty good game.  I wasn’t TOO invested in it, as I don’t really care one way or the other about either of those teams.   However, I guess I was sort of pulling for the Saints…without the Steelers being involved, however, can you really call it the SUPER Bowl?  How about the Pretty Good Bowl?  I like that.

Just so the good folks of Louisiana couldn’t get TOO full of themselves, the Kentucky Wildcats visited LSU and completely dismantled them.  At the half, Demarcus Cousins had 15 points….LSU had 14.  It was a slow start for the Wildcats, but once they found their rhythm, they took care of business.

John Wall didn’t have a GREAT game, but he did what he needed to do.  My current favorite behind Big Cuz, however, is Deandre Liggins.  I really think he brings something extra to the lineup and just seems to spark the team in some way or another when he gets in.  He’s obviously been working on his 3-point shot, and when he shoots it now, I don’t cringe or cuss at the TV.

Tonight is a potential let-down game against Alabama, with the Big Orange Suckfest and ESPN Game Day coming to Rupp on Saturday.  The game is on ESPN-U, which stinks, as it is one of the only ESPN channels left that still doesn’t have a HD version on Dish.  The game tips off at 9pm.  I expect a little sloppy play by the Cats before they take over in the 2nd half and end up winning 74-67.