introducing the kings of leon…

if this song, and this video, doesn’t kick your BUTT, you may need to check your pulse!

i’ve made it my personal mission to bring as many fans as i possibly can into the Kings of Leon camp. folks, there are only a handful of bands left out there today that are making real, GENUINE, rock and roll music, and this is most certainly one of them.

my discovery of the Kings of Leon came about when i went searching for the name of the song used in that funky Volkswagen commercial where the guy and the girl go out and buy a stereo and then come home and BLAST it in their little house, while jumping up and down like crazy people.

that song turned out to be “Molly’s Chamber”, and the band, the Kings of Leon. i have been addicted from that moment on. so far, i’ve tried passing it around to a few friends, but it hasn’t met with the response i was hoping for. i think it just may take a few listens before it settles into your brain and kicks your butt, too…

so just ease back, click on that video below, and soak it all in.

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