AI Recap: Haeley’s comet crashes in John Park’s bottom-end

OK. Not a comet, but you get the idea.

OK, so I admit…I still watch this show.  I just love music and always hold out hope that maybe they’ll discover someone I’d actually like to listen to.  Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of what they are now labeling on the show as “singer-songwriters”, so that has been an improvement.

What has not been an improvement, however is the judge’s panel.  The addition of Kara Dio-who-cares-i-o last year brought nothing to the show except more uncomfortable moments.  So with Paula gone this year and Ellen in her place, it has gotten even worse.

Like I Tweeted the other night, Randy is still Randy.  He makes his comments, talks about dawgs, and chops, and pipes, and blowing, and moves on.  Simon almost seems disinterested this year, thinking instead of his move to his new show next year, the X-Factor.  He’s recycling his lines about seeing that act a “million times” in nightclubs all over the land, and really just seems a bit fru-STRAY-ted to be there.

Ellen is funny, but in a lot of ways, she seems too “big” for the show.  She’s way more relevant than anyone else involved, besides Simon, and including Ryan Seacrest, and that makes for some trouble, especially, it seems, with Kara.

She is sitting almost in Simon’s lap this season.  Is she afraid Ellen is going to touch her leg or is that the actual visual representation of the invisible wall that exists between funny and not funny?  Because Kara…is NOT funny.  She’s a complete idiot.  She rambles on, she thinks she’s bigger than she is, and now that they labeled her “the cougar”, she’s really feeling full of herself.  I loved her advice to Haeley Wednesday night that she probably needed another year of experience.  Well, then why the hell did they put her on the show?

Well, after Thursday’s results show, Haeley has all the time she needs now to get that experience.  Despite being one of the contestants being supported by (Tim “Mophead” Urban being the other), she was sent packing last night, and I think it was probably for the best.  I could hear SOME potential in her voice, but it was fleeting and random at best.  I sort of wanted to hear her sing the Tracy Chapman song, “Fast Car”.  I felt like it would have fit her voice, but outside of that, I don’t know that much would have helped her.

Also on the ladies side, the person responsible for making Creed look more sissified than they already did, Michelle Delamor, was also sent home.  I thought her performance of “Arms Wide Open” was AWFUL, and I could not figure out what in the world the judges, minus Randy, were talking about when they said it was great.  Again, Kara showing just how good a judge she really is.  She came back and corrected herself last night and retracted her compliments, which also probably gave away who it was Simon was talking about having regretted praising the night before (not that I think his judgment is very sound this season, either, considering his comments on Lee Dewyze…I know I’m gonna get killed by some for that…lol).

On they guys side, I sort of figured John Park was headed home last week, but he managed to delay the inevitable until this week.  It isn’t that I think he was BAD…he just wasn’t good enough, and it seemed like maybe his nerves kept him from being able to show any real personality.

I was worried about one of my favorites getting the boot last night, the Mighty Mullet Man, Alex Lambert.  However, he was able to stick around and instead, the church singer, Jermaine Sellars, was voted off.  I guess I just didn’t really hear much in his voice.  It had moments, but overall, it just didn’t seem like he was a good fit for the show.

From here on out, it starts to get a little harder.  2 more guys and 2 more gals will go home next week, and to me, the prime candidates would be Lacey Brown/Paige Miles/Katie Stevens on the ladies side, and Tim Urban/Aaron Kelly/Todrick Hall on the guys side.  VotefortheWorst may have been keeping Tim Urban in the competition up to this point, but I don’t know if they can save him next week.  As I said earlier, I still do not understand all of the Lee Dewyze love, but I want to see more.  His voice to me is awfully pitchy and a bit shaky, but maybe that is just nerves?  If he doesn’t pull it together next week, I may move him in to the mix, as well.

Right now, I think Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott are head and shoulders above not only the rest of the girls, but the whole field.  I also really like Didi Benami’s voice, but I’m not sure yet if she’s found her own style.  I think that Alex Lambert can really be something special if he can overcome his shyness.  His voice is truly amazing.  Kara’s love Muppet Casey is also sounding pretty good.  He’s not GREAT, but he’s different and isn’t nearly as obnoxious and I thought he might be, so I don’t mind rooting for him.  I’m also pulling for Andrew Garcia to finally blow everybody away.  He has a great story and a nice voice…hopefully he’ll pick a great song and step up.

Next week, I’ll post a recap of each show the day after they air and we can discuss and make predictions about who is going home, so be sure and check back!