AI and Survivor: Forgettable

Well, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet today on the recaps.

First, let’s start with the one that makes me LESS angry, Survivor.

This episode was sort of a waste from start to finish.  The Heroes again sucked at challenges and lost both a reward challenge and the immunity challenge.  The highlight, if you want to call it that, was probably James injuring his knee in the reward challenge.  It just sort of buckled on him, and even though he said it wasn’t hurting, he wasn’t able to walk on it.  They wrapped it up and he stuck around, acting as the “caller” in a blindfold immunity challenge.  They got close, but they are REALLY bad at puzzles, and were not able to win it.

Russell found the hidden immunity idol, of course, and trusted Parvati and Coach enough to share the info with him, to which Coach felt like he’d been Knighted in Russell’s kingdom.

The Heroes scrambled around about who to vote off, and even though James is completely out of service right now with a bad leg, they decided to send Tom packing, ensuring that none of the Heroes will now never win any immunity challenges.  Very nice job.

This must be who is voting for American Idol

Next up, another disappointment for the night, American Idol.

Well, it was results night, and for the life of me, I have no idea how they stretch that thing out for an hour.  Is there anyone that actually ENJOYS watching it for the whole hour, or is everyone else like me…happy they have it on DVR so they can skip through the group performance, the return of Idols past performance, and the “see you later, now sing again” performance?

On the girls side, Katelyn was sent home instead of Paige.  I was not a huge Katelyn fan, and I don’t think she could have won, but she should not have been gone at this stage.  Paige has gotten worse every single week, but that may be what saved her.  She was picked as the female singer being supported by, so that has to have given her a bit of a bump.

The other girl sent home was one of my favorites, Lilly Scott.  She was different, had a nice voice, and seemed like someone who genuinely could find a future in the music business, even if she may not have been able to win the show.  Kept instead was Katie Stevens.  I like her story, but honestly, she was one of the weaker contestants left on the ladies’ side.  I’m not sure how this happened, as I thought that most of America was on the same page about Lilly.  Guess not.

The guys’ results were equally disappointing, at least on one side.  Todrick was one of the guys sent home, and I couldn’t argue much with this choice.  He had a good voice, but it did feel very Broadway.  However, so did Clay Aiken, in my opinion, and he rode that all the way to #2.

The big mistake, to me, was the elimination of Alex Lambert.  Although he was extremely shy and was not likely to win the competition, I think he was growing and getting better every week.  I really liked his voice, more than any of the other male contestants, actually.  Somehow or another, Tim Urban continues to move forward in this competition, and, like Paige, he is getting the benefit of being the male choice at  He seemed as surprised as anyone to be moving forward.  He did get a little bit better this week, but can he really do anything else that is going to wow anyone?  I’m fairly certain he’s tapped out.  We have seen the extent of what he can do, and his voice just isn’t strong enough.

So for me, this season is now a complete bust.  I had already assumed that Alex would likely be going home within 3-4 weeks after the final 12 started, but I figured Lilly would be there right up until the end…no worse than top 5.  I was looking forward to her and Crystal pushing each other every week.  Crystal looked completely put off by the results last night, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she just stood up at some point and declared the whole show a joke and just walked out.

Big Mike has a good voice, but is it anything unique really?  I mean, is he true STAR material or can he sustain in the music business beyond 1 album?  The same can be said for Casey.  I like him, but does he have “it”?  He’s not as good as Bo Bice was, and Bo just wasn’t able to really make a big impact after the show.

I just think that really the only one who truly can be something special at this point is Crystal, which is why I fully expect America to not vote for her and for her to go home in the next week or 2.  I’m sure I’ll still watch to see how she does, but honestly, after last night, my interest in this show is pretty low at this point.

What do you guys think??