A quick AI recap for last night…

I didn’t get a chance to do my full post today, so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, since the show will be starting here soon.  I’ll do better next week…promise.

Who do YOU think is going home tonight?

Overall, I thought it was a pretty rough night for the most part.  I didn’t like Big Mike’s opening…he made a funky song sound like disco.  I also wasn’t a big fan of what Siobahn did to “Paint it Black”, but the judges were in love with it.  Not sure what that was all about.

Tim was Tim…he looks like a lost child of the Brady family or the leader of a cult, and his reggae version of “Under My Thumb” just didn’t sound good to me and neither did his voice.  Will he finally go home tonight?  I have no idea, but seeing as how votefortheworst.com is still supporting him, I expect he may stick around again.

I wasn’t too fond of Andrew’s performance, either, but I still think he has potential to do something good.  Aaron was better than he’s been in weeks, but I’m just not a fan of his singing.  I like him, but otherwise…eh.

My favorites on the night were Didi, who I think did an excellent job…Casey, who seemed to really be in his element both with his vocals and guitar playing…and, of course, Crystal, who was a little more fun on stage, even though she admitted to missing her friend Lilly (me too, Crystal).

My pleasant surprise for the night was Lee.  I’ve not really thought he was as good as the judges have been building him up to be, and I still don’t…BUT…he was REALLY good doing “Beast of Burden”, the best I’ve seen of him so far.  I like his personality.  He seems humble and willing to soak in what the judges have to say.  I’m not ready to get fully on board his bandwagon, but he gained a few points.

The rest was just middle of the road…not great, not bad…including Lacey, Katie, and Paige.  They held steady in the middle of the pack, and I don’t think any of them did anything to hurt their positions, but probably didn’t help them so much, either.

As it stands right now, I’d say Tim needs to go, but I feel like it might be Paige that actually ends up going home.  Andrew might be in some danger, too, but I hope he can stick around.

I’ll try to post a bit about the results tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy the show!

Pointless update: Lacey was sent home…Tim the Brady Cult leader is still safe.  I expect the rest of the panel to have cousin Oliver haircuts and be singing “Time to Change” by the end of next week.