Idol Recap: Blah

What our cat looked like after Siobahn's performance.

You know, I realize that American Idol is sort of a silly show that has probably run its course.  I also realize it is probably a bit dorky to get on here each week and give a recap…but…there is still something appealing to me about the concept of a show that gives someone a chance to be a star, who may not otherwise have gotten that opportunity.

In the 9 seasons it has been on the air, I think I’ve only ever owned a CD by 1 contestant, and that was Bo Bice.  That’s not to say that I haven’t LIKED some of the songs that any of the contestants have put out, because I definitely have.  It just hasn’t produced anyone that I just love or would be interested in following their career.

Still, it is an interesting concept, but the show seems to have gotten too full of itself or something.  Ryan Seacrest is just a complete d-bag at this point, trying to be funny, but very rarely succeeding…Kara whoever-she-is is just pointless…and Randy and Simon seem like they’ve about had enough, as well.  I can’t see this show going much longer.

But, I’m still watching, and I know lots of people are.  And even though it really hasn’t generated any discussion on here so far (do you guys know you CAN add comments??), let’s get to the recap of last night’s show…the short and sweet (and HIGHLY corny) version.

Lee – His baby should have written him a letter telling him to pick a different song.  He was OK, not great…I still don’t understand all the gushing over him. C+

Paige – It is against all odds that she’ll be on the show much longer.  Wow.  This was just awful.  Maybe she’s still sick, but man…whew.  A complete stinker.  F

Tim – Should learn about a crazy little thing called song choice.  Further cemented himself as the lost Brady brother, but is the current pick, so he’ll likely be safe. D-

Aaron – He didn’t miss a thing in his song choice.  Perfect pick for him.  Even being sick, he was good. He still seems awkward in the post-song review, and he loves Miley Cyrus.  B

Crystal – Here and Bobby sang the blues, and it sounded so, so good.  I think it was good to embrace the Janis comparisons and just go ahead and sing one of her songs to get it out of the way.  By far the best, for her and the night.  A+

Mike – Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else, besides hitting that falsetto at some point in the song.  He’s good.  Not my style, and it was a bit boring, but he’s got a nice voice.  B

Andrew – I heard it through the grapevine that you might be in the bottom 3 this week.  I like this guy’s potential, but I don’t know if he is embracing who he is, probably because of the judges suggestions.  Not good.  C-

Katie – Big girls have big voices, and although I think she’s OK, that song didn’t fit her tone or something.  Maybe country WOULD be the way to go.  Not great, but not awful.  B-

Casey – He must be counting on the power of lust to keep him going, because that wasn’t too hot.  Simon was right…that song was dated when it came out.  Sure he’s safe though.  C

Didi – She’s no good at hiding her emotions, as you could tell she was getting hot about the reviews.  I actually thought it wasn’t too bad at all, especially after she got going.  She should be safe.  B-

Siobahn – The writing is on the wall that she’s going to do that dang scream every time she sings now.  Scared the hell out of our cat last night.  She’s good, but nothing special. And why was she smiling the whole time?  C+

My highlight of the evening, besides Crystal’s performance, was when someone in the crowd shouted “Bi*ch!” after Kara’s critique of one of the contestants.  Priceless.

My bottom 3:  Andrew, Paige, and Tim

Going home: Paige