• sunnyborderblue

    i’m thinkin’ he’s a goner, dave. just a gut feeling. don’t think it’s all about the x’s and o’s on the court though.

    your thoughts…….

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    I agree, he just doesn’t seem like a “good fit” for Kentucky basketball.

  • admin

    Actually, I think he is a PERFECT fit for UK (if you read the lead article on the home page)…he is one of us…a person who LOVES basketball…however, I just don’t think he likes the OTHER parts of being the coach of UK…the media obligations and so on…so in that sense, maybe he’s not a good fit.

    From what I’ve seen and heard today though, it pretty much looks like he is out.

    So if he IS out, who is in???

    (hmmm…i sense a new poll appearing on the site soon!) 🙂

  • sunnyborderblue

    i agree with ya, dave in that he does fit what kentucky looks for in a basketball coach (love for the game, hard-nosed attitude, etc) but apparently, he’s not fulfilling some of his off-court obligations, be it right or wrong. he may have ticked off the wrong people, and likely did, or there may be issues off-court. i still think he deserves one more year if you are only looking at basketball, nothing more, nothing less. of course, as we all know, there’s the “rest of the story”.

    who knows who’ll they’ll get at this point. this could potentially be a PR nightmare for the university. my vote is for pat summit 🙂