Watch Duke tonight…OR…

Wonder if he(?) will be watching??

So I’ve been giving some thought to what sorts of things I’d rather do than watch Duke win this game tonight against Butler.  I’m all for Butler winning, but I just don’t see the magic continuing on for them.  Duke just has too many pieces…but…stranger things have happened (like West Virginia beating Kentucky)…so…who knows.

So…here’s my list of things I’d rather do than watch Duke play for/win the National Title game tonight….

– Eat dirt.

– Throw a rock at a hornet’s nest.

– Catch a bee with my mouth.

– Catch a bullet with my hand.

– Catch the flu from a bird.

– Get a massage from a member of Hell’s Angels…….who is a man…….named Sally…….that hates people of Scottish descent.

– Listen to Rush Limbaugh.

– Watch Glen Beck.

– Go to a Lady GaGa concert.

– Get a paper cut on my eyelid.

– Eat paste.

– Talk to a car salesman.

– Explain science to Sarah Palin.

– Explain computers to my mom.

– Explain “the Facebook” to anyone over 65.

– Watch the Bengals play.

– Let Billy Gillispie drive me home after a golf outing.

– Get rear-ended while driving a Ford Pinto.

– Drive in Lexington…at rush hour…on the day after Thanksgiving.

– Wax Bruce Pearl’s back.

– Apply the bacon grease to Bob Huggins’ hair.

– Go quail hunting with Dick Cheney.

– Go swimming during a thunderstorm.

– Empty port-a-potties at an outdoor chili and taco cook-off  in July.

– Attend a Tea Party rally…

Actually….nope…I have to draw the line somewhere.

So…what would YOU rather do than watch Duke play tonight??


  • sunnyborderblue

    hahahahaha…….wish i had seen this sooner. very funny! i didn’t watch the game but managed to not catch a bee with my mouth or explain “the facebook” to my grandfather or science to mrs. palin! actually, that night was so non-monumental (not sure that’s a word but i’m getting sleepy) to me that i can’t even remember what i did 🙂