Jon Stewart is Great

Stewart takes Fox News to task for basically just ignoring the facts about the recently signed nuclear arms reduction pact.

Some people (badly misinformed people) seem to think that this pact will leave us defenseless, or that the US won’t attack a country that attacks us with biological weapons…but they are just plain wrong.  The pact only seeks to reduce our nuclear weapons arsenal by a third.  ONE THIRD.  We’d still have around 1,500 weapons…which I’d imagine would be enough for just about any situation that arises.

But I’ll shut up and let Jon Stewart take it from here…

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The Big Bang Treaty
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  • John Banta

    This confirms it. I’m voting for Sarah Palin for President. She is always right on it.

  • admin

    lol…i was going to say that the word “right” and “Sarah Palin” should not be used in the same sentence…but I am wrong…for example..”Sarah Palin is a right-wing nut-job.”

  • John Banta

    I think you should start a Sarah Palin “Quote of the Day” section on the site. What say?


  • admin

    I like it, Mr. Banta…I will research my list. 🙂