Weekend Plans?

Do you know how hard it is to find a graphic that says "have a good weekend"??

Well, after what has seemed like the longest week ever, the weekend is finally here.  I find it funny that often times, I can spend all week thinking about things I need or want to get done but can’t because I have to be at work…then the weekend arrives, and I can’t seem to think of any of them. 🙂

So what do we have lined up for this weekend?

For one thing, it needs to rain.  It is WAY too dry…and along with containing the deadline for filing your taxes, this is the month that is KNOWN for its rain…doesn’t look too good for the May flowers right now.  There was rain forecast for this evening, but that rain seems to be falling apart as we speak, so who knows what we’ll actually end up with.  If we don’t get some rain tonight, there isn’t any more in the forecast until next weekend.  Yikes.  Either way, cooler air is coming, with the potential for some frost Sunday and Monday mornings, so you may want to cover up those tender plants.

Also, even though basketball has wrapped up and football is still a few months away, we do still have some UK recruiting news to keep an eye on this weekend.  The Jordan Brand Classic takes place tomorrow night and features recent signee Brandon Knight, as well as potential Cat Doron Lamb.  Lamb is set to announce during the first quarter of the game, during a timeout, and several sites are reporting that it is already known that he’ll pick UK.  I’m not a big fan of these “done deal” type stories, as they often don’t pan out as expected, but this one has had some legs for a few weeks now, so there is reason to get excited.  If you want to check it out, it is on ESPN2 at 8pm.  There are a few other undecideds who are considering UK playing in the game.  CJ Leslie and Terrance Jones are set to announce soon, and it is hard to get an idea just yet on where they are going.  Jones seems more likely to UK at this point…but we should know by sometime next week.

You could also go fishing, although you might want to wear a coat.  You better hurry, though, because if we don’t get some rain soon, the fish are going  to have to sprout legs.

The cooler weather might make it nice to take care of a few household projects outdoors.  Trim some trees.  Clean up an old brush pile.  Plant a tree or 2.  Sorry…that was MY to-do list.  You get your own.

You might head down and check out a movie at the Towne Cinema.  Clash of the Titans is playing, and I’ve heard it is pretty good.  I don’t think it can top the classic from the 80’s, but it might still be OK.

So, what else do you folks have going on?  You DO know you can leave comments on here, right? 🙂