The polls are open…almost.

Pick your favorites.

I am working on putting some polls together to get an idea of how the local and state elections might shape up in May.  I just need to make sure that I have every candidate listed for each office, and then I’ll get them up here.  It will all be very unscientific, of course, but it might be fun to start getting an idea of who you support.

In some other highlights today…

American Idol had Shania Twain week last night, and I guess it was OK.  I think the judges were pretty much right-on for everyone except Crystal and Siobahn.  I thought Crystal was MUCH better than they gave her credit for, and Siobahn was just plain awful.  I won’t be surprised if they don’t retract some of their love for her performance on the elimination show tonight.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on Saturday, so who do you like?  I’m still working on my list, and with the favorite Eskendereya out, it could be a very interesting race.

We’ve got sunshine for the next few days, and then it is supposed to set in and RAIN.  Some of the forecasts show us potentially getting up to 4 inches of rain…wow.

Well, everybody get outside and plant something.  I’d say the cold this morning will be the last danger of frost we’ll see this year…and if anyone has any extra veggies come harvest time, don’t hesitate to send them my way. 🙂