Missed it by THAT much…

If you looked at the radar, that is about how far we were from a big mess.

As most of you know, this past weekend was a doozy as far as the weather goes.  Nashville was nearly washed away, recording over 20 inches of rain during the weekend.  Parts of western Kentucky recorded over 10 inches of rain, and nearby in Morehead, they got a bit over 7 inches, according to the Kentucky Mesonet.  The same system measured just over 3 inches here in West Liberty, with another station in Morgan County recording a little over 5 inches,  but it is likely that within the county the amounts were higher or lower depending on where you were.

If you checked out the weather radar any at all on Saturday and Sunday, it was quite a site.  There was a constant stream of storms moving across much of western and central Kentucky out of Tennessee.  The forecast kept calling for it to shift slowly towards the southeast, which would have dumped much of if on us, but the shift came pretty late in the event and allowed us to escape without too much damage.  During the day on Sunday, it looked almost like there was an invisible wall running northeast/southwest across Morgan County, with West Liberty on the dry side of that wall.  It wasn’t until later on when most of the rain fell.

We currently have a lake behind our house, but if we’d gotten 7 inches, or heaven forbid 20 inches, that lake may have been IN our house…and in most of the houses in downtown West Liberty.  I’m not sure where this rainfall and flooding ranks in Morehead from an historical perspective, but it has to be right up there.  Most folks are saying it was worse than the one that hit in 2002.  It seems like it actually happens pretty often that certain areas of Morehead get flooded, but I think this one was worse than usual.

Hopefully everyone around here is OK and dry.  If you have any pics you’d like to post, please feel free to get in touch, and I’ll put them up here.

For now, here’s one from our back yard…note that the water is not usually there. 🙂

Our new backyard lake

And don’t forget to go cast your vote in our VERY informal local election poll. There has been pretty good response so far.  It will be interesting to see how accurate it turns out to be.