Ruby’s gets it right…

in this day and age (there i go sounding like an old fogey again…consarnit!!)…it is hard to find anyone who really stands up for what they believe in…and if i hear one more person using the song “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything” in order to to somehow prove to us all just how much gumption they have, i may throw up…it has become about as predictable as using “God bless the USA”, by Lee Greenwood…another song that should be immediately retired.

no…i’m talking about real, stand-up folks who don’t care about public perception or being “P.C.”, and just roll with their gut…damn the repercussions.

here’s a very good example. the owner of Ruby’s Steakhouse in Louisville (he also has restaurants in Cincinnati and Indiana) recently tossed OJ Simpson from his restaurant, on Derby Eve, because he was fed up with all of the attention Simpson has gotten, considering the pain and sorrow he has caused to so many folks.

of course, OJ’s lawyer is claiming it is about race and is saying he intends to sue…but bravo to Jeff Ruby for standing up for what he believes in.

It is a good read…check it out here.

  • TechKnomen

    Hey just ask my exwife that kicked me out and exboss that fired me and current alphabet soupers and the list at the southerpoverty law center, they all consider me dangerous and in need of sensitivity training or reprogramming and or fluoridelaced SSRI meds because I stand up for what I think is right errrrr correct, and am justifiably suspicious of the status quo for implementing the privacy destroying prision planet tracking grid with everything to be rifd chipped to make us feeeel safe.
    If you dont feeeeell safe you need meds eh?

  • Mthope

    “They” dont have enuff personell to implement all the tracking they would like so
    it is about percieved tracking and safety and scare tacticts and heavy reliance on
    hackable computers that are vonerable whether or not the pentagone has been hacked
    several times and the mossad does all the phone billing and NSA has the secret rooms
    split off from phone “central office” locations.