Judge Conley indicted

after several months wondering if anything was going to come from the investigation into wrong-doings by the county judge executive, tim conley, the grand jury came back with 3 indictments against him this week.

the story can be found on the WKYT website, located here.

there are some interesting comments posted there, both for and against the People’s Choice. not sure how this will come out, but it sure isn’t going to help matters as the county scrambles to put a balanced budget together. what are YOUR thoughts on the matter?

  • Clearing The Air

    Guilt usually precedes evidence, and rumors (some think as powerful as pundit’s claim); however, don’t produce a brazen yellow path through a maze of legal pads that validates infringement of county funds earmarked by Conley for personal favors. Accordingly the grand jury did a great job of finding truth even in mist of rumors and avid supporters of Conley.

    Morgan County stands now bankrupt as Conley has reported no funds available until new fiscal year starts in July. Who is the blame for this situation…why of course blame it on the magistrates wanting control of power, who will not vote to allow Conley a 1-1.5 percent occupational tax and an increased add-on tax to insurance premiums for a total of 6%, plus any additional thing he can do to increase budget revenue without regard to the affect it has on Morgan County residents.

    So the problem at the moment as Conley reports Morgan County is out of money and puts everything on standby, literally with employees standing around in county garage while machinery and vehicles have been ordered parked. Becoming a county without adequate means to tend to road upkeep, pet control, emergencies, and day to day task etc., even through salaries continue on using funds from the upcoming year’s revenues.

    Oh! That problem you say is because of the magistrates??? Whoa, but wait a minute doesn’t this state of current affairs have to do with last years budget the one that was turned into the state as balanced with enough funds to carry through to the new year starting in July??? And people most of these were not the same magistrates in office at that time. It seems that this subject was being hashed about before the election when former magistrates tried to cut Conley’s spending, but buckled under the pressures of give me power or I will exhort resignation of your position tactics. It still seems to be that if there is smoke coming from above the trees there must be a fire behind the facade of green.

    These Magistrates have listened to their constituents and agree that with the current prices of healthcare, groceries, gasoline, and inflation another tax becomes a hardship that cannot bring a balance of well being to the community.

    When we speak of power structure in the fiscal court provided by the Constitution of KY we understand that it is supposed to be a balanced structure with a head of court (Judge Execs) and watchdogs (magistrates) whose power was intended for policing the spending of your hard earned tax dollars and protecting your interest against uncontrolled spending, favoritism, waste, and unnecessary debt to keep the county running like a newly repaired bulldozer. (Pun intended). If they are to act as muzzled dogs allowing unrestrained budget spending to occur every fiscal year then the Constitution becomes invalid, government anarchy, and our election rights useless. If this becomes the case then let’s give Tim Conley five rubber stamps that says Magistrate approval and let him maintain the control he has adhered to in the previous years.

    Every person in the community has a choice in the way the county is run and in keeping officials accountable for misdeeds; by showing a desire for government beyond reproach will only be acceptable. Attend meetings; keep informed about the decisions that affect you and your family. Talk with your Magistrates, tell them your needs, ideas, and give them the support they are entitled. They work for you the people of this county who have shown confidence in their abilities by election.

    It is good to read articles, and editorial opinions in the local papers, and even occasionally get a few choice rumors with your coffee from the house of enlightment, but go one step farther and research county documents and budgets. The public has a right to all legal documents. An uninformed citizen is subject to rumors and hearsay without valid interpretation of the true facts and evidence.

    To blame problems in government on political party endowment is without merit, because Republicans and Democrats both have been good or bad in their dealings in public office. The fault lies not in the designation of political choice, but in the lack of moral fabric within the person elected. It has been a common ploy on both sides to use politics as a smoke screen to confuse and blind people to truth because of strong loyalty and allegiance to political party affiliation. It is time to see the representing person as singular and not a representation of all others within the group as a whole.

    When we close our eyes and say this thing has went on for years and years before, so why the big deal now, the big deal is that it is illegal and hurts the economy of the community. If better government is desired, old habits must die and a stricter endorsement of legal accountability must become reality.

  • Logic

    Thanks, ‘Clearing the Air,’ for well, clearing the air. I’m tired of listening to people who cannot think for themselves hold Tim Conley above being able to do anything wrong. For those people who say this is political, I seem to recall Tim being the ‘People’s Choice,’ and not really identifying himself with the Republican Party. By the way, if you think there is a difference between the two major political parties, then you probably also believe that professional wrestling is real. All of you make me laugh, in that you make a Democrat/Republican conflict out of a county-level election. My God, you would think that Tim has control over troop levels in Iraq, or is proposing a bill on abortion. And why do the supporters of Conley seem to turn a blind-eye to possible wrongdoings based upon the assumption that this has been done before? Let’s say it has happened before, folks…Does that make it right? Everyone talks about the wonderful things that Conley has done for the county. Those wonderful roads. Wonderful roads. Is that all you think about? What are those roads for?…Transportation. What does transportation require?…Energy. What is energy in this materialistic world in which we find ourselves?…Money. What is something that Morgan County has little of?…Exactly. If you didn’t follow that after reading it the first time, you voted for Conley. I’ll guarantee it.

  • Dreams of Roads

    I agree with everything said by Logic and CtA with the exception of one thing. Logic, you mentioned roads being the wonderful thing Tim has done. The fault in that logic is the word “roads.” With the exception of the new KY 7, there has been little done to actually FIX roads. Holes in 460 are covered and come back within months. Most side roads out of West Liberty have pot holes in them and some that measure in excess of half a foot or more deep! These holes have been there for years and are there now. They have been “fixed,” but never have they been upkept or truely repaired. That’s not all though.

    School bus drivers still have no place to turn around. Roads not only have holes but are breaking off into the Licking River and down road-side slopes. People are dieing in accidents because there are not adequate guardrails and other road precautions. What has Tim Conley done for the roads of Morgan County? Not much.

    KY 7 even has its faults. During its construction driving became unpredictable and dangerous due to the numerous landslides. The accident prevention and ease of travel the new road makes now actually increased difficulty and traffic problems when we were detoured to Indian Creek. The entire project only worked to deter people from coming to West Liberty from 519 during its construction and increased traffic in other areas inside town and out.

    Follow CtA’s advice and do research yourself. Quit reading one-sided newspaper articles. Quit listening to people and considering it to be absolute truth without even researching it yourself. Take your OWN needs and ideas into consideration, not someone else’s. It doesn’t matter how good a person is by the way they talk about things; the deeds done are what make the person. Is Tim innocent? Are the magestrates? No one has clean hands when it comes to this local governments. You just have to ask yourself what is in the best interest for the FUTURE of Morgan County. Do your homework.