Writers wanted…you got what it takes??

What REALLY goes on at Morgan Minute HQ

Well, I write on here often about my plans and dreams for this site…and they are quite ambitious…but then, life just sort of seems to get in the way (plus, having to go to my ACTUAL job, and work on our house, and find time to do whatever else needs to be done…)…and I go missing for weeks at a time.

This site deserves better than that…and I’m going to try and see that it gets it, sooner rather than later.  So…I think it is time to find some other folks who can see the vision, as well.  Folks who love Morgan County and the people that live here, and want to share that love with anyone else who cares to read about it…which, admittedly, might be a small number of folks right now, but I believe that this site can grow in to something pretty cool, and some of you folks just might be the ones who help start something special.

For now, it will be only about the glory (and there’s probably not much of that to go around just yet)…as there is no revenue stream to speak of for the site.  It is simply a labor of love, for the time being.  However, if things proceed the way I hope they can, well…you just never know.

I’m looking for writers of all types, no matter what your views are.  Hopefully you can be objective, but if you have a strong opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that, at all.  In particular, here are a few areas I’d love to expand on…

  • A food writer…someone to review restaurants, write about recipes they’ve tried, or just food in general.  If you love food, and love to talk about food, this may be right up your alley.
  • A sports writer…someone who frequently attends MCHS athletic events and wouldn’t mind writing up a brief recap of it when the game is over.  You are free to talk UK, NFL, MLB…whatever sports you want.
  • Nature/Environmental writer…someone who has strong feelings about the planet we live on and would like to share those feelings.

Those are just some examples that I have for now.  If you don’t exactly fit in to one of those categories, but still feel the need to write, you are absolutely welcome to send in some info.  There’s room for all sorts of opinion/editorial writers…folks with strong opinions about a range of subjects.  That has been the bread and butter of the site so far, and I’m sure it will continue to remain that way.

Also, if you have these strong feelings, and you really want to get them out there, but you’d rather folks not know WHO you are, we can take care of  you.  You can create whatever user name you’d like, so that your identity remains anonymous, and I can create for you a ‘yourname@morganminute.com’ email address that forwards to your actual email, that way folks can still get in touch with you, without risking giving away who you really are.  Some folks will want their names up there, big and bold…but…for some of our more opinionated writers, they may not want people throwing trash at them in the streets just because they wrote an article that disses coal or says their food at the local diner was not so good.

So…do you feel like you have what it takes?


Drop me a line at dave@morganminute.com, let me know what type of writing you’d be interested in doing, and I’ll get you all set up to jump in and get started.

Hope to hear from you!