ok folks…i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but for various reasons, just hadn’t gotten around to it. well, it is finally here!

thanks to some help from a local technology guru who shall remain anonymous for now, we were able to record last night’s (06/25/2006) City Council meeting. You can listen to it by clicking the little link over there on the right side of the page (on the front page, under the pretty purple graphic-thingie, on the right), where it says Audio. You may have to turn the volume up a bit, and we’ll work on improving the quality on future recordings.

We’ll be archiving them in the new Podcasts section, where you can also download a ZIPPED copy of the file, which can be loaded on to your personal mp3 player.

the plan is to continue to add podcasts of local meetings – city council, fiscal court, etc – to the website for you folks to listen to, even if you can’t make it out. So have a listen!