Market in the Park This Saturday

Hey, folks.  I know that you may have seen it in the LVC, but please don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 1st (HOPEFULLY annual…or even more often!!) Market in the Park this upcoming Saturday, August 1st.  The market will open at 10am and run until 2pm at the Old Mill Park.

There will be folks there selling all kinds of very cool arts and crafts, as well as very tasty goodies from local gardens and kitchens.  There will also be activities for the kids, and some live tunes to listen to while you shop.

This very, very cool idea was put together by the Morgan County Cooperative Extension Service and it grew out of ideas that were outlined in the New Cities Institute’s work in West Liberty.  The Agritourism/Heritage/Localism Committee is planning and implementing the Market in an effort to help shine a light on the local Farmer’s Market, along with local artists and entertainers.

I cannot stress to you how good of an idea I think this is, and I really do hope everyone will try to make it out for a bit.  The first bunch of folks to show up (I think 100 or so) will receive a reusable shopping bag, which hopefully you’ll have filled to the top by the time you leave.

My wife and I have a family reunion to attend Saturday, or she’d be showing some of her works of art at the Market, but we both are planning to try and get over to town to check it out before we have to go…and are hoping that this can become a regular event.  I think it would be a great thing for the City and County and the wonderfully creative and green-thumbed people we have around here.

Hope to see you there!!