Today was sunny, hot, and humid…and then it was rainy…and then it was hot…and then it was sunny AND rainy…and now?  Now there is a different feel to the air.  It is the kind of air that begs you to open your windows.  It really wants you to turn off that air conditioner and listen to the crickets and frogs and whatever other bugs and critters are out there singing their songs.  It is the kind of air that will soon carry the smell of wood smoke and simmering pots of chili.  It will still have a fight on its hands to finally send the hot and humid air south for the winter, but it is a fight that it knows it will win.  It always does.

west sixth lemongrass wheat


I can’t say that I’m ready for Fall, even though it is possibly my favorite time of year.  It seems to me that Summer only started a few weeks ago, and it seems like only a few months ago that we joyously closed the valves on our gas heaters.

A sure sign that Fall is just around the corner is the return of college football, and that always makes me happy.  Today I enjoyed watching UK handle Ohio.  It wasn’t always the prettiest thing to see, but you can certainly feel a level of excitement about this team that has been missing for several years.  It is a nice feeling.

Nothing goes much better with a good football game than a good beer, and currently, I think you’d be hard pressed to find one much better than the Lemongrass Wheat that the West Sixth Brewing Company in Lexington is canning.  I’ve never much cared for wheat beers, but man, this one sure is special.  I’ve seen it at Kroger and a few other places in Morehead if you’d like to pick up a six pack.

So open up your windows tonight…let some of that special air inside.  Let it shove that old, stale conditioned air out…I swear I bet you’ll sleep a little better.

  • Lori Campbell

    I didn’t notice the air changing till this morning. But I welcome it for a change.. I pulled the windows up first thing this morning.. And I am drinking my coffee out on the front porch today.. The breeze is stirring and it’s lovely.. I always think about Dad at this time of year and how he would be looking forward to squirrel hunting.. And his flannel shirts would start making their way into the daily rotation..
    Just as I love the smells of Spring . I adore the smells in the air come Fall..Leaves changing. And a “bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils”! As Tom Hanks said in You’ve Got Mail..
    I feel like Fall is a time of reflection for me. As maybe it is for everyone. It just seems to set a different pace. I’m raising my mug in honor of the cooler weather and slowing down .