Revved up for tomorrow.

Just a quick post this evening about a couple of reasons you might be excited for tomorrow.

1. New iPhone(s?): Tomorrow is Apple’s big press event, and it is expected that they will announce not one but TWO new iPhones.  The rumors are that new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 models will be announced.  It is sort of unclear if both phones will be available later this month or if it will just be the 4.7 inch model.  In fact, it is a little unclear whether the 5.5 inch model will be shown at all.  There’s been far more evidence to support the 4.7 inch model, so truthfully, that may be all that they show.  From leaked models, it looks like the new iPhones are a bit more rounded at the edges, the power button has been moved from the top to the side, and the camera lens may stick out just a bit from the back.  It is also rumored that the camera will be improved and the new phones will include NFC (Near Field Communications) at last, allowing the phones to potentially help Apple move into the mobile payments world.  The show starts at 1pm eastern tomorrow!

2. iWatch: Whatever it ends up being called, more interest may be focused on this possible announcement for tomorrow.  Although almost NO leaks have surfaced to even prove its existence, it is highly likely that Apple will announce some sort of wearable device tomorrow.  Labeled the iWatch by most, it is expected to feature Siri, a microphone, and a speaker, and come packed with sensors that will allow it to interact with the newly arriving Healthkit application.  It is very possible that this will be announced as a, “…one more thing” item, based on clues from the press invite, which featured the phrase, “We wish we could say more.”

3.  And finally, Ryan Adams’ self-titled LP will be released tomorrow.  I have been streaming it from NPR and loving it.  I can’t wait to load it into Spotify tomorrow morning to enjoy on my commute.  =)

UPDATE TUESDAY MORNING: Here’s the whole album to stream from Spotify. Man, I’m really liking it!  I plan to try and do a short review of the whole album later this week.  Enjoy!

iPhone 5 | Adjusted with SnapSeed

iPhone 5 | Adjusted with SnapSeed