This summer has been an adventure in mowing, especially lately.  With dry days being few and far between, it has been hard to find a good day to mow.  Meanwhile, all that extra rain means the grass is growing extra fast while the mower sits idle.  On at least one occasion, I could hear water sloshing underneath the grass when I mowed, but it was the first dry day in around 2 weeks, so I didn’t have much choice.

As the cooler air starts to settle in, the days of mowing for this year are getting closer to an end.  I kind of enjoy mowing, especially the first cutting of the year.  It is like an official start to Spring.  Likewise, covering up the mower for the year means Winter is just around the corner.

I find that mowing time is a perfect chance to listen to some of my favorite music as I circle around the yard.  It gives me a chance to really listen to the songs…to really hear the lyrics.  It also seems like more often than not a nice photo opportunity will present itself while I’m out there, and I’ve noticed that I have quite a few photos that were taken during mowing.  Sometimes you just never know where you’ll find beauty.