Into the fog.

Lots of mornings, the road to work is foggy.  It may be clear for a stretch, and then right there up ahead, you see the fog…thick and swallowing up any cars that dare go in ahead of you.  If you travel the same road every day, you don’t much worry about losing your way, even in the fog.  You learn where the twists and turns are…you know the pot holes to avoid and the bumps to steer around.  What is worrisome are the surprises that the fog may be hiding.

You never know when there might be something unexpected in there…something lurking in your path today that wasn’t there yesterday…waiting to wreak havoc on your journey.  So, you can either pull over and wait for it to clear up, or you can head on in, being extra cautious and aware…navigating around the hazards you know are there and trying to avoid any new ones that might slow you down.  Either way, you’ve got a journey to make…the only difference is when you reach your destination, and what you learn along the way.

the fogiphone 5 | Edited in Mattebox

the fog
iphone 5 | Edited in Mattebox