Purple Monday

I’m not sure purple is a color I would normally use to describe a Monday.  Black…blue…red…those are Monday’s colors.

Today looked and felt like a mid-October day, with cool air and a grey sky filled with clouds.  Leaves are still green, but pale yellows and browns can be spotted if you look a little closer.

Most of our flowers have put on their show for the year and won’t be seen again until the sun makes its way north next year.  However, in one of our flower beds, an uninvited visitor has popped in, climbing up above the sleepy iris leaves to say a quick, purple, “Hello!” before the cold nights drain the remaining color from our yard.  I really don’t know what they are, but even though their blooms are tiny and delicate, they stand out and make you take notice.

This evening, even the sky seemed envious of the attention.  As I was standing in the kitchen, I noticed that the grey sky, which had fought so hard all day long to mute any colors below, had given way to beautiful shades of blues…pinks…and yes, purples.

I know that the flowers didn’t cause the clouds to part, but as I thought about this imaginary competition, it made me remember that sometimes, even under a blanket of grey clouds, a little bit of positivity and color can go a long way towards clearing those skies.

So how about YOUR yard? Do you have any early-Fall arrivals to share? Any pops of color that are trying to chase away the grey?? =)

I'm not sure what they are, but they look happy to be hereiPhone 5 | Adjusted in AnalogFilm App

I’m not sure what they are, but they look happy to be here
iPhone 5 | Adjusted in AnalogFilm

  • kopana

    Yum, that sky is delicious!