• dhunley

    So Dave, can we agree that up until now evolution had not been observed? I mean…can we at least agree on that? We’ll let go—for the moment—that the theory of evolution doesn’t met any of the other criteria of a scientific theory.

    Right now…I’ll settle for the simple common ground that evolution had never been observed.

    We’ll go from there if you say we agree on this.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Well Dave, who are you going to believe? Those lying fossils or the Dinosaur at the Creationist Museum with a saddle on it’s back?

    And please everyone, stop forcing you beliefs upon dhunley.

  • dhunley

    Sunny, Dave…TGINDH’s little jab is the kind of thing I’m up against.

    Now…if I respond in any other manner than abject humility, apologetically even, Dave comes along and says something like “Why can’t we have a civil discussion?”—yet I’ve never seen him chastise people like TGINDH. And there is a long history of this.

    And you know what? I don’t feel like putting up with TGINDH’s nonsense. He’s a child-like jackal of the far left…never thinks for himself, never tries to think outside that little box of he’s created in his dream world—and he’s never had anything constructive to say as far as I’ve been able to determine.

    It’s useless to point out to him and people like him that the “fossil record” shows NOTHING about evolution. There is not ONE single unbroken chain from one creature to the next. NOT ONE!

    I know…I know…that may seem incredible to those so steeped in the theory of evolution, but its true! And I challenge anyone who wishes to think for them selves to go digging for it.

    You don’t have to believe me…you don’t have to believe anybody. Just try looking with an unbiased eye and you’ll see. Consider what “evolutionists” would say if they found the fossilized remains of a duckbilled platypus? Or a walking catfish? Or a lung fish? They’d be touted as “proof” of some missing link between species.

    Do you see what I’m getting at, Sunny? I’m not asking you to disbelieve evolution—I myself don’t care a bit if evolution is true or not; I’m merely asking you to think for yourself.

    And evolution is just one example of the far lefts inability to think beyond what they want to believe. It’s the same with every issue. If it doesn’t fit into what they want to believe, it is ridiculed, mocked, ignored, and attacked.

    Abortion? They’ll actually argue that a conceived child isn’t a human, or haven’t achieved personhood and thus don’t merit the protection we afford all other humans. But will they extend the same argument toward a tadpole? Has a tadpole become a frog yet? They’ll fight tooth and nail to protect the breeding mudhole of a tadpole, because they know that tadpole can’t be anything but a frog.

    So…here we are about to elect a person supported by people who can think no better than TGINDH…who is a mean-spirited as TGINDH…who has nothing but ill-will toward mankind.

    Just how do you think this is going to bode well for humanity?

  • sunnyborderblue

    come on dhunley……….not everyone who is voting for obama is mean-spirited – you know better than that. i could say the same thing about mccain supporters because they don’t support equal rights for same sex couples and they’re people too, right? now, i’m not sure about the history between yourself and TGINDH, but there certainly is one without a doubt, and i’d rather not get in the middle of it. however, just ignore TGINDH if you don’t like what he/she is saying. i mean, who cares – you’ve got more important things to worry with i’m sure.

    yes, there are gaps in the fossil record of course. if you think about a crime scene investigation, it would make sense. evidence starts to disappear within hours. now apply that to the theory of evolution – it seems reasonable to think that evidence would disappear over millions of years, right? now, natural selection is the driving force behind evolution and is a process that can’t be disputed. whatever doubts exist in the theory of evolution, it still makes more scientific sense than creationism. not that the two can’t coexist. lots of folks who believe in God also believe in evolution.

    what’s your theory on how we got to this point?

  • http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    TGINDH…discrediting one theory does not validate another.

    Oh heck…lol…who am I talking to? You’re never gonna grasp that. Let me explain it in simpler terms.

    Just because you think you can prove that the fairy tale “Jack and the Bean Stalk” isn’t true, doesn’t mean your fairy tale of the “The Little Pigs” IS true.

    What I’m talking about, TGINDH (since I consider you quite the dense fellow, I’ll say it in a couple of different ways) is that even if ID isn’t scientific, that does not mean that the Theory of Evolution IS.

    When you were a little boy, would you have gotten out of the trouble of stealing a bike by saying “Well “Charlie” broke out the windows of the school?”

    Get what I’m saying? Huuuuhhhh, probably not; however, reasonable people probably do.

    (BTW, I’m not advocating ID…I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other—but I DO know the Theory of Evolution IS NOT scientific!)

    If you disagree, TGINDH, all you have to do is show how the Theory of Evolution is scientific.

  • dhunley

    THESE GUYS want to “restore” science??? Bwahahaha…just like they want to restore “ethics” to government. How’s that working out for us so far, eh?

    The ignorance of and disinformation put out by some proponents of evolution has to be deliberate—there is no other explanation.
    In a letter in the 04 Feb 09 Lexington Herald-Leader, a writer states:
    “In Hawaii, there is a species of fly that can live only on bananas. This fly is found only in Hawaii. Until humans arrived in Hawaii about 1,000 years ago there were no bananas in Hawaii.
    Therefore, this fly must have evolved in Hawaii over the past 1,000 years. There is no scientific explanation for the existence of this fly other than that it evolved from other species.”
    I couldn’t find anything about a fly that can only live on bananas…so although it might be true, I suspect it is just another fruit fly that is dominantly expressing a set/pair of genes that was already there.
    This is the same old argument offered over and over and over again and presented as “proof” of evolution.
    Look…you don’t have to believe me; in fact, I’d prefer you didn’t. But please research it, notice it—and draw your own conclusions. My only caution would be to not accept the arguments that “there is a ton of evidence!”; ask them to present it and I bet all you get are endless examples of selective breeding.
    But the ignorance of the letter writer doesn’t end there. Oh no…he goes on to say:
    “Has anyone ever seen gravity, a mysterious force that acts between objects that are light-years apart?” As if “seeing” evolution was our only beef with it.
    So…typical of non-thinking proponents of evolution, he’s attempting to disingenuously associate the theory of evolution with the theory of gravity.
    True, you can’t ‘see” gravity, but you can measure it in several different ways…pendulum measurements, spring weights, falling objects—in fact, I understand that back in 2003, they actually measured the speed of gravity as being 1.06 times the speed of light.
    You can also use it to predict the outcome of repeatable experiments.
    Can you do ANY of these things with the theory of evolution? If you think so, give it a shot.
    Anyway…I guarantee this letter writer is an Obama supporter; they may have a lot of motives for voting for Obama—but being scientific, helpful, or pursuing the truth isn’t one of them!