Tuesday Talking Points – 10/14/2008

Well, I’m going to try out something a little different here.  We’ll see what kind of reaction it gets, and sort of adapt from there.  I’m going to just throw out some random talking points each Tuesday, and you can respond to any or all of them.  Seems easy enough, right?

Well, let’s get it started…

1. I’ve read on here (in the forums) that the owners of McDonald’s in West Liberty purchased the Dairy Cheer building.  While some speculated it was to keep it closed, I’ve now heard it was so that they could open a Kentucky Fried Chicken in that building.  Can anyone confirm?

2. Does anyone know the plans for the old Go-Go building?  I’ve seen some activity in there, but I don’t know what might be coming.  I’m assuming it will reopen as a gas station, but….who knows?

3. There’s some rumblings going around about a concernt that is planned to take place in Campton in November.  Apparently, it will be held at the skating rink and the band involved has quite a naughty stage show…nudity, simulated sex acts…the locals have already started to rally against it.  I know a little bit more about this than I’m going to share here just yet, but has anyone out there heard anything about it?


  • jane

    We sure miss SUBWAY. What a good building the old Dairy Cheer would be for a SUBWAY. It’s a shame that Salyersville is getting a Wendy’s again and we can’t even get anything.

  • admin

    ah man…a wendy’s in Salyersville?

    i do like the Wendy’s…and Salyersville has one of the best Mexican places around these parts.

    i didn’t know I’d miss Subway until it was actually gone. we now find ourselves driving over to Campton here and there to get a sub…lots of money for gas, but it is a nice drive, and we only do it here and there.

    would be nice to see one back in west liberty, though. if we DO get a KFC, i’m sure it will do GREAT.