You think this election is ugly?

It is uglier than you know. The first video was taken at a rally in Pennsylvania. The amount of anger and hatred in that crowd is pretty scary, and it is scary (and sad) that this type of attitude still persists in this country.

…and if that wasn’t bad enough, well, just look no further than right here in our own back yard. It is a little sketchy on YouTube about where this video was actually shot. The person who posted it says it was in Eastern Kentucky, while some other folks are suggesting South Carolina. Either way, it is not pretty. And be warned, there is a bit of not-so-pretty language in there.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Sorry to say, we have 16 days left and it is going to get even worse. Nothing brings out the crazies like a negative campaign.

  • sunnyborderblue

    oh my goodness……………