Barista Battle : Tassimo vs Dolce Gusto

In what sounds like an Italian wrestling match, we take a look in this review at 2 of the single-serve coffee machines on the market currently, the Bosch Tassimo system and the Nescafe Dolce Gusto (the Keurig system is the other primary brand of single-serve brewer, but isn’t reviewed here).

Single-serve coffee brewing systems have gained some steam, so to speak, over the past few years, due in part to their ability to pump out just enough coffee for one person, ensuring that the coffee you get is freshly brewed and hasn’t been sitting in a pot all day long.  It also allows for people with different tastes to satisfy their preferences without stepping on the toes of their fellow coffee drinkers, making them especially popular in offices and other places where multiple coffee drinkers are prone to be gathered.

The Tassimo and Nescafe systems are similar in that both can produce a wide range of coffee drinks, from your basic morning cup of coffee to foo-foo fancy lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos (the Keurig is mostly limited to straight coffee brewing).  Both use a “pod” system…meaning that the coffee and/or milk or other beverage is pre-packed into each company’s preferred pod package with enough product to deliver 1 serving.  Nescafe’s pods sort of look like a larger version of a coffee creamer package, while Tassimo’s pod…called a T-disc…is larger in diameter but much more shallow.  Each is popped in to the respective machine, and, when instructed to do so, the machine pierces the pod, injects it with water, and forces it out and in to the waiting cup below.

How each machine produces the drink is a bit different, resulting in different results in the cup, and that’s where we start to see where each machine shines or lacks.

Cute, ain't it??

First up…the Dolce Gusto Piccolo.

The first machine I tried was the Dolce Gusto Piccolo.  It is the most basic variety offered by Nescafe, and it sells at Wal-Mart for $89.

The Dolce Gusto (DG) claims to have a pump inside that is able to deliver 15 bars of pressure, which helps it to fully extract all of the tasty goodness out of the coffee that it brews.  Now, I’m not coffee expert…just someone who likes a good espresso…and so I was first drawn to the DG machine because of this claim.  I’ve tried other counter top espresso machines before, and you basically end up with a cup of dark coffee…not the tasty Nectar of the Gods that can be found in coffee shops.

When deciding on the DG machine, the one thing I saw as a potential problem was the fact that the only coffee pods available for the machines are the ones made by Nescafe, and that selection is somewhat limited in the US at the moment.  Basically, there is 1 type of espresso, a few types of lattes and cappuccinos, a couple of American style basic coffees, hot chocolate, and peach tea.  You can see the full selection here.  The machine and pretty much the full line of coffee pods is available at Wal-Mart, so that makes it pretty convenient when it comes to finding the pods.

Nescafe hints that there will be more varieties available going forward, and other varieties are indeed available on their sites outside the US, but as for now, what you see is what you get.  And that ended up being a problem for me.  You see, I primarily wanted the machine for espresso, and while I was concerned about the fact that they only offered 1 variety, I figured hey…if it is GOOD…1 is all you need!  Turns out…the 1 they offer was NOT so good.  I found it to be a bit on the “sour” side and lacking in the nice richness and mouth-feel that you get from a coffee house espresso.  It did have a VERY nice crema on top of the cup, but outside of that, it just was not to my liking.

The cappuccino and latte pods produced a more acceptable drink, with each producing just the right amount of very decent foam on the drinks.  The milk-based drinks are packaged with 2 pods…1 for the coffee and 1 for the milk.  The process for these types of drinks are that the milk pod is placed in the machine first and allowed to pump the heated and frothy milk into your cup.  Next, you insert the coffee pod and it pumps in the espresso or coffee shot.  I thought that both of these were pretty good and at least as good as what I’ve had from McDonald’s, but still just not quite what I was wanting.

The machine does offer you the flexibility of making your drinks stronger or weaker, with relative ease, which some folks will enjoy.  For me, however, it still didn’t prove to make the drinks I made any better than before.  Plus, I don’t always want to stand there monitoring the water output for just the exact amount to make my drink.  I’ve already been a barista…now I just want to push a button and get my coffee!

Feeling disappointed, I decided to take it back to Wal-Mart and give the Tassimo machine a try.  Boy, am I glad I did.

And now…the Tassimo T20.

As I mentioned earlier, the allure of 15 bars of pressure is what originally made me choose the DG machine over the Tassimo, but the variety of T-discs available for the Tassimo was VERY tempting, with offerings from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best among the choices.

This guy means business.

The DG machine offerings from Nescafe aren’t new, but they’ve recently redesigned and reintroduced them in the US, so finding good reviews comparing them against the other single-serve machines proved very difficult.  Also, while I did find reviews saying that the Tassimo was a good machine, I could never pin down whether or not they made a passable espresso, given that they only claim to be able to deliver 3.3 bars of pressure.

However, after the DG machine came up short, I figured I should at least give it a shot.  The T20 is the model carried at Wal-Mart, and it sells there for $99.  While Wal-Mart’s selection of drinks for the DG machine was pretty much complete, the same cannot be said about their T-disc selection.  They even have a fairly wide range of offerings for the Keurig machines, but when it comes to the Tassimo, it was pretty basic.  They had a few varieties from Maxwell House, along with a Starbucks Cappuccino.  Since I was interested in testing the quality of the espresso above all else, i opted to go with the Starbucks cappuccino package.

Besides the shape of the pods, the first thing that you will notice is that the T-disc milk pods contain actual liquid milk.  The Nescafe drinks are made from a powdered mix inside the pod.  Now, a shelf-stable liquid milk isn’t exactly appetizing, but it at least seems better than a powdered form, right?

The Tassimo machine requires that you run it with only water for the first 5 cycles in order to properly clean it and get it ready to brew.  This takes a little while, but is pretty straightforward.  Once it finishes, you are ready to brew.

I decided to brew up only the espresso pod from the Starbucks kit and see how it tasted.  There are several espresso-only pods available for the Tassimo, but none was available at Wal-Mart, so this was my best option.  I popped the T-disc in, barcode side down, so that the machine can read what the disc is and adjust accordingly.  You still have the ability to cut the brewing short, for a stronger drink, or add water at the end of the cycle to tame it down a bit, but for ease of use, you really can’t beat this setup.  I closed the lid, punched the button, and waited.

The machine fired up, and I could hear it initially pumping water…or at least I assumed that was what was going on…but no coffee actually exited the spout right away.  After injecting the water in to the disc, the machine went quiet for a few seconds, I imagine to let it extract all the goodness from the coffee before actually pumping it out.  After a few seconds, it kicked on again, and the espresso started flowing in to the cup.  Right away, I could SMELL the difference between it and the Nescafe coffee.  The aroma was dark and sweet and just right.  I was just hopeful that the taste would live up to the smell.

The Starbucks espresso pods pull for just a bit longer than others, or so I’ve read, producing about 3 ounces of espresso for their drinks, whereas most of the others, and most typical coffee houses, produce a 2 ounce shot.  The crema produced on the espresso was very nice.  It was not quite as good as the DG, but it was still impressive.  I was prepared to be disappointed again in the taste, but much to my surprise, this one was excellent.  Now, it isn’t exactly coffee house quality, but hey…it is a $99 machine…what do you want?  In fact, it was better than some “professionally” made espressos that I’ve had.  It was rich, nutty, silky, and had just that right bite to it…in other words, it hit the spot!

I immediately made a cappuccino for my wife to try, and she agreed with me that the results were far and away superior to those produced on the Nescafe machine.  Now, the foam wasn’t quite as impressive as what the DG machine pumps out, but it wasn’t too shabby, either.  The next morning before work, I made myself a double shot of espresso to take with me on my drive, and just loved it.  In fact, when it was gone, I found myself longing for another one right away.

We ran through the Starbucks kit pretty fast, so I decided to pick up a Maxwell House cappuccino kit while waiting for some other T-disc varieties to arrive that I ordered online.  The Maxwell House kit is around $4 cheaper than the Starbucks, and I figured it might be a let-down.  However, though it was not quite the same quality as the Starbucks espresso, it wasn’t bad at all and was still better than the Nescafe variety!

The sheer number of choices available for this machine gives it an advantage over the Nescafe.  If you don’t like one espresso or one brand or blend of coffee, simply pick out another one and give it a try.  The chances you’ll find something you like are far greater than with the Nescafe product.  Unfortunately, they are much harder to find in the stores, and not all varieties are available at all places.  You do get 2 free packages just for registering your machine online, so that is a nice perk.  Wal-Mart has a limited selection, but oddly enough, certain Lowe’s stores seem to have a pretty good range, according the store locator on the Tassimo site.  Bed Bath & Beyond also has a good selection, and seems to have them at slightly reduced prices.

However, if you can’t find a variety at these places, pretty much all you have left is direct order from Tassimo, and that leaves something to be desired.  The prices of the T-discs themselves is not all that bad.  However, the shipping is almost $9.  If you order over $50, it is free, but that’s a lot of coffee!  Because of this, you are almost blackmailed into joining their “Tassimo Direct” club, which allows you to order your coffee and then have it scheduled to be delivered to you again at set intervals.  With this service, as long as you order $30 worth of coffee, the shipping is free.  I was a bit skeptical about it, but decided to give it a try.  The program is set up to deliver your order to you every 4 weeks, which is WAY too soon for me, as I’m not exactly drinking it as fast as I can get my hands on it, but once you join, you see that you are able to suspend delivery or extend the time between deliveries without too much trouble at all.  The other issue is that it seems to (according to folks in the Tassimo forums, and from Tassimo themselves) take about 2 weeks after you place your order before it arrives.  Now, if you plan ahead, that should be fine…but if you are in a pinch and needing your favorite brews right away, things could get ugly.

And the winner is…

Well, as if you hadn’t figured it out by now, the Tassimo machine was my favorite, hands-down.  It is easier to use, it offers more variety, and it produces a better drink in the cup.

It does take a hit in regards to the availability of their T-discs, but that problem can be overcome with a little planning.  If you are a Starbucks fan, this is also currently the only single-serve machine that features their brands.  However, there are some indications that Starbucks and Tassimo may part ways next Spring, so if you pick one up and favor their coffee above all others, you might have to stock up before that happens…if it does.

I am yet to try any straight good old American style coffee from this machine, but I can only imagine they’ll be of as high a quality as the espresso has been so far.

The Dolce Gusto is a fine machine, and as more varieties become available, it may be worth another look, but for now…the Tassimo wins the title…and is…for now…the Italian Stallion.

  • Dolce Gusto Piccolo fan

    Wow that was a pretty comprehensive comparison. Have to say I disagree though. I prefer the piccolo and to me the drinks variety isn’t a problem as what’s on offer is top quality.

  • admin

    I really wanted to like the Dolce Gusto, but the flavor of the espresso just killed it for me. I have since tried espresso from a Nespresso machine, and while I did enjoy it, I can’t say that it was that much better than what I get from my Tassimo.

    The Dolce Gusto definitely nails it in terms of the milk-based drinks. They were quite good. However, the Tassimo does awfully good, as well, and just won me over with the better quality of espresso and varieties.

    There’s an ugly battle going on right now between Tassimo/Kraft and Starbucks, and it is looking more and more like Starbucks will not be a part of the Tassimo lineup come March, so it will be interesting to see what they do to fill that hole.

    Like the Dolce Gusto, the Tassimo has many other varieties available in Europe that are not yet available here, so maybe we’ll see some of those sooner rather than later.

  • Peach

    With Starbucks ending ties with Kraft Foods, would you still rate the Tassimo #1? If it becomes a Gevalia/Maxwell House dispenser, it will die a quick death in the market place. Kraft is quickly turning the Tassimo into the Betamax of 2011. If they don’t open up the Tassimo to other Brands of coffee manufacturers they’ll never gain enough new customers to keep the Tassimo alive and well.

  • admin

    Peach, I do still hold that the Tassimo is a better option that the Dolce Gusto machine.

    I feel like there are suitable replacements for the Starbucks cappuccino and latte offerings, but as far as the stand-alone coffees go, people who are Starbucks fans will likely not be happy with any of the other offerings.

    The main problem right now is that there are some REALLY good coffees available for the Tassimo…but…they are mainly only available online, either through the Tassimo website, Gevalia’s site, or soon, through Amazon. Bed Bath and Beyond probably has the best selection of brick-and-mortar locations, but even there, many of the European coffee brands, such as Mastro Lorenzo and Carte Noire, which are among the best for the machine, are not available.

    Add to that the fact that there are even MORE European brands for Tassimo already available in Europe that are not yet available here, and you have to really wonder about Kraft’s handling of this division. No wonder they only have about a 3% share of the single-serve market, while Keurig owns over 70%.

    I cannot yet compare the Keurig to the Tassimo (although if someone from Keurig were to read this and wanted to send me a machine in order to do the comparison, I’m more than willing), but right off the bat, I think folks need to understand that they are 2 completely different animals.

    The Tassimo can do things that the Keurig simply cannot do. In many ways, the Keurig is simply a single-serve drip machine. I’m not sure how much, if any, real pressure they apply to the K-cups during brewing (there’s bound to be SOME, due to the quickness of the brew), but it isn’t enough to extract a true espresso, and therefore cannot brew the milk-based drinks, and in fact offers no milk cups to do so, anyway. I’ve read some folks say that there are some K-cup espressos that are OK, and you can froth your own milk and mix it, but I just doubt that it can extract a halfway decent espresso.

    But you are totally right about the need to open up the Tassimo to more varieties. That is the reason the Keurig has soared. They patent the technology, but then open it up for however many partners want to join. Never mind that not all of them will want to purchase the Green Mountain Coffees (the group that “owns” Keurig)…they are content to get the financial benefits of selling more machines, and likely getting percentages of EVERY K-cup sold…not just the Green Mtn. Varieties.

    Some reports say that Starbucks will now try to partner up with Keurig, but I don’t know that they will. If their plan was to get their coffees in to as many hands as possible, then why not keep providing coffees in T-disc form, AND K-cup form. I suspect they are working on their own machines, and that could make for an interesting addition to the single-serve market (in addition to the rumored Keurig/Lavazza machine that may arrive in 2013).

    I suspect that the Tassimo does far better in the European market than they do here, much like the Nescafe machines, so even if they can’t find a “big name” partner here in the states, the machine will continue to have its fans. However, if folks who own Tassimo machines find that it is harder and harder to get the drinks that they enjoy, and someone else develops a machine that can do everything the Tassimo can AND has more variety, their US market will become even smaller than it is now.

  • Eve

    At this particular point, Tassimo CS responded to another individual that the array of drinks available to Europeans will not be available in the states due to “limitations of distribution”. Whether Tassimo will respond by providing new brands, or just expand on MH and G, remains to be seen. I just found a site that lists Tassimo as being a subsidiary of Kraft
    It may be that Kraft has limitations due to Tassimo being a subsidiary?
    Either way, I would continue to watch DG. The DG Creativa has just as much intelligence as the Tassimo to brew that perfect cup. The different drinks are programmed in, so no guessing how much water to add. Plus, the ability to brew hot and cold drinks. For now the choices for DG are indeed sparse. If DG does expand on these choices in the US, a second look would definitely be warranted. Especially if they offer Nespresso expressos. If you put in an internet search DG has just introduced a new drink, Caramel Latte Macchiato.

  • adminDave

    I agree, Eve. If DG adds some more flavor options, it might warrant another look. However, it is pretty much a lock that any coffees/drinks they add will be produced by Nescafe. Like Tassimo, which is owned by Kraft, they seem to be locked in to the idea that they will only sell coffees that they have a hand in bringing to the market.

    Kraft didn’t OWN Starbucks, but it did control their distribution, which allowed them to produce the T-discs many of us really enjoyed.

    On the other hand, Keurig employs a completely open model. They have patented the technology for the machine, but they basically have said to all coffee producers, “if you want to put your coffee in our cups, we’re open for it”. This has allowed them to grab almost every single “big-name” coffee brand in this country and shows no signs of letting up.

    Kraft/Tassimo would do well to employ the same model. They have the machine (made by Bosch)…they have the technology to make the discs…if someone wants to put their coffee in them, they should be all for it. I mean, why WOULDN’T a coffee producer want to have their brand in as many single-serve formats as possible?

    I’m sure that the folks from Starbucks informed the Keurig/Green Mountain people that they were not willing to be exclusive to Keurig when they announced they’d be providing coffee for them, because they already had plans to produce a single-serve machine of their own. But unlike Tassimo or Nescafe, Keurig doesn’t necessarily care about having “exclusive” brands…they’ve realized that variety sells machines.

    Makes you wonder why Kraft/Tassimo doesn’t see things that way.

  • Josey124

    I bought the Tassimo last week and love the Starbucks Cappuchino too. However I HATE the others I tried: Nabob latte, Maxwell house blend, Twinings Chai Latte, Nabob espresso and Suchard Hot Chocolate. The milk disk in the Nabob latte is the same as in Twinings Chai Latte and I find it terrible sweet and artificial tasting. I will return the Tassimo since Starbucks is only available while produced quantities last.
    Is any other milk-based drink with a different milk disk available or do they all have the Nabob/Twinings milk?
    The Keurig is not an option for me since I am looking for a machine that does lattes, cappuchinos, etc.
    I hope I can find a place that demos the Dolce Gusto since I don’t see any other option for single brew machines. 

  • adminDave

    I’m not sure about the milk…it may be that all of them use that same disc.  You might head over to a Tassimo/single-serve coffee forum that i set up for folks to connect over this very type of thing, at

    you’ll find a link there for the message boards, and there are a lot of very well-informed folks in there who have tried a lot of the different machines…check it out!

  • Eve

    Taaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa…… A “New” kid on the block has moved in to the USA.
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has sponsored Caffitaliy brewers and are providing
    their own premium coffee & Tea capsules in the USA., in this case
    named CBTL which stands for the initials of the sponsoring Coffee Bean company,
    has been made with an open platform to encourage other coffee companies to make
    capsules for this brewer. Bout time, eh? What does this mean? According to
    online forums any capsules made for a Caffitaly system brewer will fit in the
    CBTL brewer which is after-all a Caffitaly system. Now we have a progressive
    quality company in the USA who has made it known more variety will be
    introduced. Add to this an on-line source that sells European Ecaffe capsules
    made for Caffitaly systems which will almost double the variety. have a REAL
    15 bar pressure brewer to make real expressos, not simulated expressos produced
    by the Tass, that can switch to a 3.5 bar pressure for regular joes and teas.
    The CBTL has been compared more with real expresso makers and comes out
    think I am going to adopt the new kid on the block.

  • Eve

    The reply I posted above was minus a few characters to pull up the links:
    Here we go the CBTL brewers & specs found here:
    Ecaffe capsules found here:

    The review link appears to be working.

  • Eve

    I agree with you Josey!!! Since SBuxs left there is really not a coffee in the T-disc inventory that I love. Some are Ok, but nothing spectacular in comparison to my beloved Blue Mountain and full Kona. I can’t even sell my Tassimos; too many have been given away. The giving a way of machines can send a subtle message to the public….. is it so awful the company has to give a way 1,000s of brewers? As I wrote below there is a new kid on the block that looks very promising. Finally a premium coffee, and availability of european capsules here in the USA. This baby is new to the USA, but I’m thinking it will catch on quickly. I wrote to SBuxs about the machine and hoping I hear they might be willing to supply capsules since the machine is based on an open platform. I’d rather have Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf over MH and Gevalia any day. Plus the reviews state this is real expresso, made with real 15 bar pressure, not simulated ending up with simulated expresso that comes from the Tass. Again, the ability to use Eccafe capsules or any capsules made for a Caffitaly brewer which CBTL is, is a deal breaker for me.

  • Eve

    The only con if you can call it a con, is the CBTL brewer does not have milk capsules or a steam wand. But, now you can froth your milk of choice — almond, soy, fat free, etc — to your desired preference. I think I would take that extra step to come up with better tasting premium lattes and caps.

  • Josey124

    The problem is that we here in Canada never get the same choice as US. I dont think we can get that new coffee maker until it is successful in the States for at least 2 years if ever. We still cant buy the Senseo here! tassimo, DG and even Keurig varities are way more limited here too. It sux.

  • Eve

    Josey, I’m thinking CBTL does deliver to Canada. There is a toll free number listed on their page for US & Canada

    Give them a call to see. Also the link I have below for Ecafe capsules ships the capsules to Canada. If you are able to buy a brewer from CBTL, you will be able to also get the capsules from CBTL. Oh, I should also mention both the CBTL brewers and capsules are also available on Amazon.

  • Eve

    I checked Amazon, there is shipping to Canada on our site.

  • Josey124

    From their FAQ section: No, we cannot ship orders outside of the United States.

  • Josey124

    Same on Important MessageCBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer, Black cannot be shipped to the selected address.Unfortunately, the same story with 90% of American product, they are just not available to us. If they are, they charge us $$$ of shipping and duties on shipments. I don’t know why because a lot of people would buy stuff from the States. 

  • Josey124

    Sorry the formatting got lost. 

  • Josey124

    I finally got my DG Circolo and I LOVE the coffee. I had to return the Tassimo since the only drink I liked was Starbucks and they are not producing the disks anymore. I am glad I tried DG. It is exactly what I was looking for. Great drinks, good variety, only need a chai latte now. 

  • Rebek95

    Darn, sorry about that Josie. But do know this is a Caffitaly system. Any capsules made for any Caffitaly can be used in any Caffitaly system LOL. So Ecaffe and Lofbergs capsules will work in CBTL, some Gaggias, and all brewers with the Caffitaly logo and vice versa. Ok that said, I’m going to tell you, I would gladly part with my Tassimos, which I never use any more, before my DG Creativa. As I said I can not sell my Tass (s), I own two, so what a waste of money. The T brewers are good, but the product left to drink stinks. I’m finding I use my DG Creativa brewer all the time, and all my friends and family like the specialty drinks from the DG much better than drinks from the Tass. Even if I do end up buying a CBTL, I would not part with my DG. And you are right, the inventory is less, but the caps and lattes are more than what T offers. No more bitter yucky specialty drinks. I love the DG Vanilla, and the Caramel Latte. The mocha is excellent, and the chococino … ohhhhhh myyyyyy. I much prefer the milk capsules from the DG!!!! You can take the assortment of lattes, the mocha, and the chococino and make some of your own creative blends. So there is really a lot more drinks on the menu ; )

  • Rebek95

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, good for you ; ) That Circolo is a real pretty machine. I just posted another reply up above. I mentioned I would gladly part with my Tass(s) before my DG Creativa ; ) And, everyone who comes over here prefers DG specialty drinks and coffee over what the Tass. offers.  More than one admitted they suffered through a T-brew prior to my getting my DG and didn’t want to tell me they didn’t like the T-coffee. I was a T snob and for some reason, tried to tell myself I loved the coffee. I did, that being SBuxs. But I just can not stand Gevalia or MH. Oh by the way, DG is suppose to offer more drinks in the Fall; maybe next month. Are you on the DG – US Facebook page??? They have over 57,000 fans, and that page only went up a few months ago. By far more fans than Tassimo’s US facebook page. And, they didn’t have to give a way 1,000s of brewers ; )

  • Rebek95

    Oh by the way, I used the Eve email previously ; )

  • Rebek95

    I agree whole heartedly ; )
    Eve aka Rebek95

  • Rebek95

    Keep watching, Chai is rumored to be coming this Fall ; )

  • Rebek95

    Creative Cookware is in Canada. Thought it was a US company.
    Eve aka Rebek95

  • Josey124

    No worries! I am in LOVE with my DG. The machine looks amazing and the coffee is delish!! I wouldn’t want a different system. We don’t have the vanilla or caramel latte here. But I bought some Monin hazelnut syrup and that is really yummy too. I also have connections to Europe and I am expecting some samples of the Cafe au Lait (french latte, comes in ONE capsule) and Cortado (spain latte, comes also in one capsule) soon. I also ordered the Chai Latte in Germany since they got it now for a limited time (WTF?). We are going to Europe  in a few month and I can pick it up then. It is nice to have family over there 🙂 
    I will let you know how the drinks are. Maybe we can pester them enough to get them in North America too.

  • Josey124

    Same, see my post above 🙂
    I can’t understand how people can drink the Tass coffee specialties. I really liked Starbucks but all the others were truly horrible. 
    Especially compared to the DG. I hope that DG is offering the Chai Latte here. I sent them an email telling them how much I love DG and what drinks I would love to see. Keep your fingers crossed. 
    Thanks, I will check out Facebook too. 

  • Rebek95

    DG Chai Latte is now here 🙂

  • Rebek95

    Oh in my response to why doesn’t DG expand to more variety, especially since Nescafe owns nespresso expressos, why not nespresso in DG capsules, the response was along the lines of more drinks will be available and we think you will like what is coming up next.  My fingers and toes are crossed. I got a similar reply when asking about Chai

  • Josey124

    Let me know how the chai is if you try some.
    Canada is always slower and most companies say because they have to provide packaging that states product information in English and french.

  • Rebek95

    I did buy DG Chai from Coffeeicon. Wow, wicked fast delivery, and the Chai is fantastic. Much, much better tasting than T’s Chai. I know Chai is sweet but T’s Chai is sickening sweet, you will find the DG Chai is a good blend of spice, black tea, and milk. Sweet but not overly so, the tea and spices are not overpowered. And it tastes more like Chai Tea  I get from my favorite India restaurants. Yummmmm

  • Nick

    I’m glad we have 22 different flavors available here in the Netherlands for the DG, plus some decaf varieties…
    I didn’t like the regular espresso either, but over here we have 3 extra kinds of espressos available: Intenso, Ristretto and Barista, which are all pretty awesome.

    Usually it’s the other way around, and things are available in the US that are not available here 🙂

  • Styl-stelios

    DG is 15bar and TSimo is 3,3bar so esspreso doesnt make nice top foam. If you just taste the milk DG is much nicer. The designs of DG circulon are perfect far away from Tasimo.Tasimo does not make cold coffee DG does.DG is KRUPS.

  • Everose3

    Josie you have a great coffee store in Canada that is fairly new. They carry the full range of DG beverages. Do a search on ECS coffee to get the link. Kevin is one of the guys I talked to and he has an order shipping to me.

  • Everose3

    You are so lucky Nick. Would love to have those espressos available in the states. I find the DG brewer to be an excellent brewer, and most of the specialty drinks are fantastic, all except for the regular type coffees. I am waiting to see what the New Year of 2012 will see. I was advised by hosts at DG that new beverages will be released next year ; ) 

  • Everose3

    Agree, DG is well manufactured and has perks the Tassimo doesn’t have. The problem in the states at least is the fact that the DG has only a few but really awesome drinks. In my opinion, the lattes, the chai, the chococcino, & the mocha by far beat the taste of Tassimo’s drinks of the same. There is only one tea and although it is good, I would love to see a good chamomile and green tea, maybe a white tea. The coffees taste like instant coffee, and only one espresso that really is fine using the milk froth, but solo? I pass. Nescafe needs to increase stock if they hope to keep any kind of market. Its much too limited and hard to find product. A lot of customers in this day and age, and cyber crime, prefer to buy product locally rather than online. If DG would expand on their inventory and availability I have no doubt they would skyrocket.

  • Solidxtreme

    You can’t possibly get a decent espresso from the tassimo, since the water is not pumped through the coffe. However mid and light roasts on the espressos for the dolce gusto are actually pretty terrible.

  • Jacyln

    Dolce Gusto is better simply because of the 15 pressure bar. The variety in EU is better for now anyways but there will be more varieties to taste in the US pretty soon. Tassim is like Keurig. Hot water with dark or mild coffee and they call it espresso, latte, etc. DG rocks

  • CafeterasExpress

    Thank you!