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Track Santa Online…



This one might be fun for the kids (and the grown-ups!). Take a peek at where Santa is visiting on this Christmas Eve.

Norad does this every year, and it is just great.

So check him out, but be sure you are in bed before he gets to YOUR house!!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all…a good night.

Track Santa at NORAD here……



This morning, the water in the bottom was perfectly still. Most days since it has filled our river bottom to capacity, the water has been in motion…wind and current keeping light dancing across the surface. But, this morning, it looked like a sheet of glass, reflecting so beautifully the world around it.

As it turns out, the rest of the world was not so calm today.

In particular, Baltimore was a city of anger and unrest. In response to what appears, at least, to be another incident involving the death of a black man at the hands of the police, …

We’ve Moved!

Things have been quiet on here for a few days. Part of that was due to me trying to recover from the Sorghum Festival 3-day marathon. I do love it, but man it wears me out. It probably didn't help that I sat in the sun all three days and got blistered.
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