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Between Two Ferns – 5-26-2009

In this episode, Zach Galifianakis interviews Bradley Cooper, one of the guys he co-stars with in the new movie “The Hangover”…which will hopefully be as funny as it looks.

I plan on posting some more episodes of of BTF (wasn’t that clever, how I shortened it down like that?) on here very soon..but since this newest one just came out today, I figured this was a good place to kick it off.

As with all After Dark content, there is a bit of language, so…keep that in mind if you are trying to sneak a peek while at work. 😉…

Danny McBride in Hot Rod

Last night we watched the movie “Hot Rod”, and I have to admit, it was one that was below my radar.  I’m glad my wife found it and DVR’d it, because it turned out to be a VERY funny movie.

There were several very funny scenes, but this one was, by far, the funniest to me.  No coincidence that it features Danny McBride, who may be one of the funniest people alive.

There is some rough language in here, so that is why I put it in our After Dark section.

(The setup is that Andy Samberg is an aspiring …

A Little Kenny Powers for you…

Now, I have to warn everyone…before watching this clip…it is DEFINITELY NSFW (not safe for work)…and is absolutely appropriate for our “After Dark” section.

This is a compilation of clips from Episode 2 of “Eastbound & Down”, a new comedy series airing Sunday nights on HBO.

It is the story of Kenny Powers, an ex-Major League pitcher who finds himself down on his luck and has to move back to his home town.  He lives with his brother, and he has somehow landed a job teaching Gym at the local school where his high school sweetheart teaches.

It is just …

Between Two Ferns.

I love Zach Galifianakis. I don’t want to marry him or have sex with his beard or anything…but he makes me laugh. A lot. Uncontrollably.

Here is a clip from his “show”, called Between Two Ferns, and featured on the Funny or Die website. It is an interview with Michael Cera, the very funny young actor from Arrested Development, and more recently the hit comedy Superbad, and the critically acclaimed Juno.

I don’t think there’s any real foul language in this one, but it is still a more mature video, so it is After Dark material.

Love it.

Between Two …

The Landlord.

If you enjoyed the Good Cop, Baby Cop video, you will also find this one to be hilarious.

It features the same cast of players (Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and baby McKay), and is also featured on the Funny or Die website.

Same warnings apply…some foul language contained within.

Here ya go.

The Landlord on…

This just kills me.

This clip is from the fairly new website, Funny or Die. It features Will Ferrell, who i have always thought was extremely funny, along with a fellow Saturday Night Live writer, Adam McKay, and Adam McKay’s daughter.

It is called Good Cop, Baby Cop (and like lots of After Dark content, it does contain a bit of foul language, so keep that in mind).


Good Cop, Baby Cop on…

Jimmy Dean Saw-Sitch

A man named Randy Taylor is NOT happy that Jimmy Dean has down-sized their roll of sausage from 16oz to 12oz, SO…

he calls their complaint line to let them know about it.

I know we’ve all thought at one point or another about calling to complain about a product, but I wonder how many people actually follow through? (If you have, PLEASE share your story with us in the comments section below!)

If you knew your call was going to blow up into an internet craze, would you still make the call?

Or maybe that would be even MORE …

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