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Colder winters coming?


This is an old pic...but

This guy seems to think so…

Bastardi: Three of Next Five Winters Could be as Cold or Colder

This winter is on track to become the coldest for the nation as a whole since the 1980s or possibly even the late 1910s. According to Chief Long Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi, three or four out of the next five winters could be just as cold, if not colder.

He is worried that next winter, for example, will be colder than this one.

Whole story……

Tracking the Snowy Beast (2-1-2011)


If you have been near a TV or the internet over the past 24-hours, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about the MAJOR winter storm that is preparing to chew up and spit out a large part of the country.

The mess has already started in Colorado, with ice and FRIGID temperatures, and Oklahoma is currently taking a beating from heavy snow and strong winds.  Missouri appears to be next in line, with Illinois and Indiana on deck after that.  They are calling for over 2 FEET of snow in some areas, along with over an inch of …

More snow on the way? (1-25-2011)

This one could hurt...

This one could hurt...

Short answer…yes.  After that, it gets a bit sketchy.

Chris Bailey says it is coming and could hold some surprises.

Bill Meck says it is coming, but is hesitant to get very specific for now.

The GFS model (pictured in the image to the left and one of the often used weather predicting models) says make sure you have some bread and milk.  One thing to not, that is a 5-day model, and could include some snows forecast to be coming later in the week.  It may not ALL be for this upcoming storm, although the …

Enes Kanter ineligible: UK will appeal


This one may take some divine intervention.

Well, you probably have already seen it or heard about it now, but the Turkish big-man, Enes Kanter, has been denied eligibility by the NCAA.  Basically, they ruled that he received a little over $33K above what they considered justifiable expenses.

It gets a bit tricky from here, as UK plans to appeal the ruling, and the appeal will actually be heard by member schools.  There is a slight glimmer of hope that the ruling will be overturned, but most of the folks talking it up online seem to think the chances are …

2010 Market in the Park Pics

The 2nd Annual Market in the Park had a great turnout this year, and the weather mostly cooperated.  This year’s market featured double the vendors of last year’s market, and it was great to see the variety of arts and crafts on display.

Couldn’t make it to the park, or just want to take a trip down memory lane?  Look no further!  We present to you, the 2010 Market in the Park photo gallery.…

UK right to quickly correct this mistake – John Clay –

When you make a mistake, you correct it.

You correct it, and you move on.

As quickly as you can.

Hiring Billy Gillispie was a mistake. Someone didn’t do their homework. Someone had the wrong idea about who they were getting. But what’s done is done. Troubled waters under a very big and costly bridge.

UK right to quickly correct this mistake – John Clay – …

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