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You think this election is ugly?

It is uglier than you know. The first video was taken at a rally in Pennsylvania. The amount of anger and hatred in that crowd is pretty scary, and it is scary (and sad) that this type of attitude still persists in this country.

…and if that wasn’t bad enough, well, just look no further than right here in our own back yard. It is a little sketchy on YouTube about where this video was actually shot. The person who posted it says it was in Eastern Kentucky, while some other folks are suggesting South Carolina. Either way, it is …

Jack Cafferty nails it.

Jack Cafferty is a grumpy old man.

Grumpy old men tend to really side with the Republicans more than the Democrats, from what I’ve seen.

However, Cafferty has some comments about Sarah Palin’s performance in her recent interview with Katie Couric, and I think he nails it.

Apparently, there’s also some nervous feelings within the Republican world that McCain made a bad choice. This from Politico:

A growing number of Republicans are expressing concern about Sarah Palin’s uneven — and sometimes downright awkward — performances in her limited media appearances.

Conservative columnists Kathleen Parker, a former Palin supporter, says the

Love the open Mic…

A friend of mine just pointed me to this video, and I believe it is definitely worth sharing.

The media says one thing when the cameras are on, but here’s what’s going on when you aren’t watching…

you can follow along with a transcript of the conversation here…

Here it is…

Mike Murphy: It’s not going to work…Still McCain can give a version of the Lieberman speech and do himself some good.

Peggy Noonan: It’s over.

Chuck Todd: Don’t you think this pick is insulting to Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Noonan: I saw Kay this morning.

Todd: Yeah, she has …

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