Eww…that smell.

Today was mowing day, so that means picking a beer to keep me company as I cut the grass. I picked this one up a week or so ago and had yet to try it. Word is they brewed it with the intention of capturing the aroma of marijuana. I won’t comment on whether I think they got close or not, but I will say it was a pretty tasty beer.

I first tried Oskar Blues beers around ten years ago when I was on a work trip to Colorado. I brought home a 12-pack of Old Chub Scottish Ale and nursed it for about three years. Now, with the opening of a new brewery in North Carolina, their beers are available around here, which makes me happy. Not as happy as I would be if our city or county could actually SELL beer, but happy nonetheless.

In the background behind that can you can faintly make out what’s left of the slowly receding waters of Lake Riverside. Once a beautiful, sparkling pool of dancing waters, it has left in its wake a stretch of dead and dying grass covered with mud, algae, and whatever other nasty things thrive in a low-oxygen environment.

When I was a little boy, my dad raised quail. It was so much fun to watch them hatch, grow, and run around their little cages. The bottom of the cage was a wire mesh with newspaper underneath. The droppings would fall through the mesh, and by the time the newspaper was ready to change out, it was usually covered in poo and feathers. It was also wet with water from their bowls and covered with little remnants of boiled egg, which he had fed to them…and which I found slightly horrifying.

The soggy, feathery egg-poop paper was pretty ripe by the time it got swapped out. Tonight as I was mowing, I realized that all of Riverside Drive smells like that right now.

When the wind shifts and catches it just right, it is quite the stench. I think it is safe to say that the charm of our waterfront property has now worn off. Plus, without the bottom to mow, my job gets done a lot quicker. As the mow-time gets faster, the beer-time gets smaller, and I’m not too happy with that, either.

I’m worried that most of the good grass is lost at this point, with only water-tolerant weeds and grasses left behind. The last time this happened, it took most of the summer before the grass could reestablish itself and overtake the weeds. I may try to spread some seed this time in order to get it back in shape a little faster and get my mowing back on track a little sooner. It could be a chore, but thankfully, I have a stash of good beer that is ready for the task.

Now all I need is some good grass.