The HumpDay Review – 9/19/2007


A funny thing happened…we got ANOTHER week closer to the Sorghum Festival!  Man…I can almost smell (and taste) it now.

The indictment against Judge Tim Conley was dismissed by the prosecutor over some problems relating to the manner in which a special grand jury was seated to hear the facts of the case.  In response, the Judge decided to celebrate by throwing a fish fry for the whole county.  Why do I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard on this subject?


The Cougars recorded their first football win this season, defeating Magoffin County 28-16.  It takes a while for a team to get used to a new system, and patience is always key whenever a new coach comes to town…just ask Rich Brooks.

The UK Wildcats knocked off the UL Cardinals for the first time under the Old Ball Coach (he’s earned the "d").  It marked the first time in 30 years that the Wildcats have beaten a top-10 team.  The team gets a chance to follow this stunning game up with a tough one in Arkansas this weekend.


A University of Florida student was arrested and Tasered for asking a question at a John Kerry event.  It is possible that he was just doing it to get attention, but it still begs the question…when did it become OK to arrest someone for asking a question that makes people feel uncomfortable?

Some young starlet probably got drunk and ran over a chipmunk or something…I just don’t care anymore.