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  • Judy Bussey

    Surprised by the porn site, but visited it. What is everyone saying about Porn on the Morgan Minute? Maybe you’ve already had this discussion?

  • admin

    Hi Judy!
    I will email, but Mom told me about your experience, and the site you ended up at, but I am not sure how you ended up there??

    If there are links to porn on the site, I am not aware of them, and I need to track them down and eliminate them as soon as possible! Could you tell me exactly what happened to lead you there?

    It is possible, though, that you have a virus on your computer that is redirecting links to malicious sites. Just let me know where you found such a link, if you could. Thanks!

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  • Phillip St. John

    I’m a KY licensed real estate agent with an Ohio customer who wants to buy a house or land in Morgan County. If you can link me up with anyone who might know where such is for sale I’d appreciate it.
    Phillip St. John
    606 436-8785

  • S Keeton


    I just came across this site though mrtc …
    I can hardly wait to look around a bit more!

  • Ashley

    Hi Dave — is this the best place to submit a story idea?