Presidential Poll is conducting an presidential election poll, where you can let them know who your choice will be in 2008. I didn’t see right off when the results will be posted, but I participated.

At the end of “voting”, you can take an exit poll. I thought I’d share that here, so we could all play along. 🙂

MySpace Primary Exit Poll

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  • Russell Howard

    How many “white”people are in Braack Hussain Obama’s Christian Church,None they only allow Blacks and worship Mother Africa.This Dude is one of the most Racist of all racist and they are trying to run him for president of the United States…He was sworen into the Senate on the Korean ,he refuses to say the Pledge or salute our flag.I have trouble understanding why the news media doesn’t blast this stuff every day…Thanks….

  • dhunley

    Here’s my question, Russell. I hope this question is taken in the manner in which it is presented; not judgmental nor condemning—just curious. Anyway, the question:

    How could any church who thinks of Christ as the Savior and Son of God support any of the current so-called democratic candidates.

    I can understand an agnostic or an aethist supporting them. I’d like to hear from a Christian who supports Barack or Clinton and get an idea of how they feel about things.

    Anyway…I’m afraid there might be some confusion about who used the koran. I think it was a different Senator. Also, I think they can swear on anything they wish…no restrictions.

  • admin

    Russell…what you brought up is partially true, but not a complete story.

    here is a little more about it…

    i started off responding to this thread and dhunley’s comments, but it ended up turning into a brand new article, so i’ll just leave the rest of my comments there, in “Religion and Politics…a good mix? And some other thoughts.”

  • R.Howard

    Gentleman,even partly true is far to much for a person wanting to be President of the United States of America. Yes, He did use the koren to be sworn into Congress on,and you are eight they can be sworn in on anything they wish.
    I find that to be very degrading for a country based on God! We are not based nor do we serve moh. In God We Trust is our moto.

    I am beginning to think President Jeffferson was right in his assement of the arabs.

  • admin

    well…there’s one less choice now.

    The New York Times is reporting that Governor Bill Richardson, Democrat, has dropped out of the presidential race.

    If you read the article, you’d think that John Edwards must have dropped out, too, because when they talk about the Democratic candidate who could benefit most from Richardson’s departure, they only mention Obama and Clinton.

    It is amazing to me how the mainstream media WANTS either Obama or Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. They have completely ignored John Edwards, even though he placed 2nd in the Iowa caucus.

    I hate to go out on a conspiracy limb here…(ok…i don’t really mind it so much)…but could it be that the media is trying to push a Democrat for the general election that they feel has the least chance of beating whatever reject the Republicans put into the election in November?

    it sure is starting to look that way.

  • Steven

    Inst this Guy Dick Cheyenne’s cousin and he is Muslim too.W.e he has the same agenda as Hilary,McCain,and Mitt. McCain talks about truth but the truth we don’t wanna hear, he talks about going to war all the time,he even sang a song boom boom boom Iraq boom boom, this guys is effin crazy, Huckabee , this guy is really weird every time they ask him a question he Preaches. Ron Paul is the only candidate that i like because he talks about the REAL issues.