Cardinology: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

I’m a pretty big fan of this man and his band, the Cardinals.

For a long time, Ryan Adams (not BRYAN Adams) developed quite a reputation not only for his music, which has always been well received critically, but also for his behavior on stage during shows.  Many of those problems have been attributed to drinking and whatever, but those days seem to be gone now.

I was able to catch Ryan Adams and the Cardinals in Louisville in 2007, and then later that year in Columbus, and both shows, while extremely different in style, were incredible.  After seeing them in Cincinnati this past year, I’m excited to see them yet AGAIN in Louisville in March.

Their shows usually feature a mixture of material both from the band and from Ryan Adams’ solo time, and it is likely that the upcoming tour will showcase the new album, Cardinology.  I was lucky enough to receive this album (yes, vinyl) from my wife for Christmas.  It included a code for a digital download (something several artists are doing these days), and I have it loaded up in the iPod where it has been in pretty much constant rotation.

From the opening “Born Into a Light” to the closing “Stop”, this record is solid throughout.  Ryan Adams seems to be trying out a little different vocal style on this one, and I really do like it.  I hear shades of Warren Zevon…a touch of Neil Young…but it is all just perfect.  Add to that the beautiful backing vocals by guitarist Neal Casal, and it makes for an awfully nice sounding record.

So give it a shot, and if you like what you hear, head on up to Louisville on March 16th at the Louisville Palace…it should be a great show!