In my opinion…

…Billy Gillispie is the man for the job at UK…but if things don’t rapidly improve here, but they keep getting better in Arkansas, the “we want John Pelphrey as UK coach” crowd is going to be a LOT more vocal.

…2008 went by too fast

…the economy sucks, and much of the blame can be placed on oil.  Oil got us in to the war…oil took more and more money out of our checks…and oil in turn helped destroy consumer confidence and all but destroy the American automotive industry….


this economic mess COULD be a chance for us to re-tool, so to speak, by creating “green collar” jobs, improving fuel standards on ALL cars and trucks made in the US, and moving away from our dependence on ALL oil…we shall see what happens, but this truly is an important time in this country.

…Florida will defeat Oklahoma for the BCS National Championship…and that will make me happy.

…we will see some very winter-y weather over the next couple of months (OK, I stole that idea from Chris Bailey…but I agree with him…so there)

  • sunnyborderblue

    i’m not completely sold on billy g. – maybe 90% or so 🙂 he’s certainly a “message” coach so i sometimes have a hard time understanding his player rotations. take kevin galloway for instance – why doesn’t he see more floor time? the offense seems to run pretty smooth with him in the game and he sees the floor really well but there must be something off-court that’s keeping him out of the games. that’s the biggest mystery to me i guess. all in all, this year’s a big improvement over last year and i think, by march, they’ll be a tough little team. can you imagine what we’ll look like next year if we keep patterson, meeks and the rest with pilgrim, orton (and hopefully hood) jumping on board??!!! wowsa……..

    the football game tonight ought to be a good one – not sure that i can actively pull for florida but i hate to root against a sec team…….

    the next couple of months could economically make or break us as a nation i’m afraid. speaking of oil dependence, i hope we can get out of iraq and afghanistan – both of which are huge drains on our resources.

    i hope the dems decide to seat burris, that’s just not a battle they need to fight right now with all the political capital they have, in my opinion.

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed that obama’s administration will be more aggressive in promoting alternative fuels but he’s got a big uphill climb in that arena even though it’s more than obvious that oil has landed us in a big big hole. even though my car is 8 years old (and freezes on the inside, seriously), i’m having a hard time making a commitment to buy a new one right now. i really want to buy american, and likely will, but am just not crazy about what’s out there and don’t have a lot of confidence in the industry at this point.

    bring on the winter weather – it it’s going to be this darn cold, then i want it to go all the way :)!!!!!!

  • admin

    sunny…i think the Kevin Galloway situation is a problem in everyone’s minds right now. I am on board with Billy G, but I have to admit, his rotation puzzles me at times. Then again, who knows what happens in practices and such. Folks were coming down hard on Tubby for being too soft and making the TEAM soft…everyone wanted a tough, hard-nosed coach…well, we’ve got one now. lol…and I think lots of people want warm and fuzzy again. I like him, though…and yeah, the recruits that are starting to sign up now, I think we will be heading back to the top before long.

    i’m also hopeful about the economy and the role the Democrats will play in getting it rolling again…it should be an interesting year, to say the least.

  • sunnyborderblue

    yeah, the galloway deal is the only thing i really question right now. i love the pace of the games and like billy g’s hard-nosed approach. like we’ve both said though, there has to be something happening off-court or in practice that is the deciding factor in galloway’s minutes. hopefully, he’ll get his head on straight and see some more playing time soon.

    i was a big tubby supporter until his last year and a half or so. kudos to the job he’s doing in minnesota – there really isn’t a better bench coach, in my opinion, but his recruiting was a little lackluster. can’t say i miss the warm and fuzzy……..

    january 20th has a big red star on my calendar – here’s to hoping that some meaningful and effective legislation is passed, people can go back to work and confidence in the markets is restored………i’ll drink to that 🙂

    p/s: saw where you got drug into the Topix scene – kinda had to chuckle a little, sorry 🙂 i heard about that site a couple of months ago and have checked it out from time to time – it’s like a train wreck and have to admit that i’m glad they find your site boring………i’ll take boring any ol’ day especially if it means the folks on there won’t migrate over!!!!

  • admin

    not sure why your comment got held for moderation. usually it only happens when there are a couple of links…technology…who knows.

    yes, the Topix mess was something alright. I felt like I needed to clear up that I have NOTHING to do with creating that web site, but man, oh man…that place has just gone insane.

    it sure did cause a HUGE spike in visits to THIS site, however! lol

    maybe I’ll have to stir stuff up over there again sometime. 😉

  • sunnyborderblue

    i need moderating, dave – i’m craaaazeeey like that 🙂

  • Kathy

    lol at “sunnyborderblue” comment

  • Kathy

    In my opinion…
    Every american should watch “Zeitgeist – Federal Reserve”. I was in shock!
    You can watch it on youtube.

  • sunnyborderblue

    hey dave………so what do ya think – do we make the tournament? i don’t think beating georgia will do much for our case but a big big win at florida wouldn’t hurt. of course, the committee will do all they can to get us in since UK fans travel but……….as much as i hate to say it, not looking good in my opinion.

    anyway, good to see galloway get some serious minutes yesterday. i really like the line-up he had starting the 2nd half.

    went to the game yesterday and man, are people unhappy! big boos at the end of the game, very sad.

    just fishing for your thoughts!

  • admin

    hi sunny…
    That would have been an amazing game to be at. I imagine the atmosphere was incredible!

    i’m actually going with Bobby Knight, who said yesterday, along with several folks on ESPN, that the CATS are still in the NCAA tourney. now, of course, if they lose the next 2, i’d say that is out the window, but i feel pretty confident that if they win 1 of their 2 remaining games, disregarding anything about the SEC tournament, and they are in by the thinnest of margins.

    If they win against UGA and UF, I think they are safely in, 100%.

    So, overall, including the SEC tourney, I think 1 win and they sneak in to the NCAA field…2 wins and they are safely in. 3 wins, and the whole state will be jumping up and down…win the SEC tournament, and there won’t be enough smelling salts to revive all the members of the Big Blue Nation.

    I hate to hear that there were boos at the end of that game yesterday, but I suspect that lots of them were for the no-calls at the end of the game (the push-off foul by the LSU point guard on Galloway, and the bump into Meeks on his last shot). To me, the no-call of the push-off was probably the worst offense. Sadly, the game should never have gotten to that point to allow a few no-calls to change the outcome, but LSU is a really, really good team, and really good teams never quit.

    I think UK gave it everything they could in the 2nd half, and in spurts of the 1st…but it just wasn’t enough to pull out the victory. The 2nd half lineup was exactly the lineup I have wanted to see on the court, and hopefully we’ll be seeing lots more of it…but, who knows with Billy G. 🙂

    I’m still behind him, 100% (well, maybe 95%)…I think that the situation here was far far worse than many thought or even still realize. We’ve got fans jumping ship right and left, and it is very disheartening. I know it is not fun to watch the team lose, but this is a rebuilding process.

    It also does no good for folks to compare how quickly Pitino rebuilt the program when he took over, because the face of college hoops has changed SO much since then. It is just going to take a little bit longer this time around, but like I hung in there with Rich Brooks, I will hang in there with Billy G.

    There are rumors and stories circulating that lead me to believe that both Meeks and Patterson will return next year, and if they do, that team could really be something special to watch.

    So I’m still hanging in there with them, and I think they will be OK. You’ve gotta hang in there with me and spread the sunshine…lol…it is getting lonely over here on the Billy G Fan Club’s bleachers!!

  • sunnyborderblue

    oh, i’m still with billy g for the most part – a 95er i guess! have to agree with you in that the program was in much worse shape then we could have ever imagined.

    as far as the tournament goes – as i said earlier, i can’t see how beating georgia will help our case much but i do think beating florida will likely get us in. a win in the sec tourney would just be icing on the cake. what i wouldn’t give to see this team come together at just the right time, win the sec tourney and make a decent run in the big dance.

    i keep hearing that meeks and patterson will be around next year as well. let’s hope so because i really think we could be something if they stay with us. pilgrim is supposed to be a heck of a player and hopefully, we’ll have the PG position solidified.

    i really really really like galloway running the point but don’t think he adds as much playing the 2 guard position. seems like a waste to have him out there if he’s not at point in my opinion.

    heads up, big smile and looking forward to wednesday! have a good evening!