Time to update the grid?

This article on CNN.com talks about how our electricity needs will be changing in the future and what we must do to keep pace, especially if we want to shift our focus to renewable energy sources.

Currently, our electric grid is VERY out-of-date, and to carry the electricity from sources such as wind or solar farms, some changes will have to be made, and they won’t come cheap, at least not in the short-term.

So what do you think…is it worth the price tag for a future that is FAR less dependent on non-renewable resources?

A $2 trillion bet on powering America

The stimulus plan might jump-start investments, which could drastically change how we use electricity.

By Steve Hargreaves, CNNMoney.com staff writer
  • dhunley

    Curious…the part of the article here cites Joe Biden. The article itself cites Obama. Wonder why the difference?

    You know another funny thing? When Bush was proposing a stimulus package that gave money directly to the people, you guys scoffed at the idea–yet it worked. But now this humongus boondoggle gets nothing but praise. Why? Oh…I suspect it’s because you guys are okay with the “government” getting to decide what to do with our money.

    Anyway, better start warming up those excuses…and it’s going to be interesting to see you guys contort yourself to avoid blaming Obama’s socialistic policies for dragging us into the worst economic mess this country has ever seen. This is going to make the great depression look like a speed bump.

    By the way…last week, our company told 23 young men—young men who were making more than they had ever made before—that as of 01 Feb 09, their services would no longer be required. Gone—poof! Just like that! When just 6 short months ago, I couldn’t find enough people. I am sooooo heartsick!

    What’s the difference between then and now? It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, now does it? But if nothing else, you guys—and yes, Dave, when I say “you guys”, I mean you, Sunny, and all the other Obama supportes—have proven yourself experts at twisting the truth to suit your purposes.

    Let the games begin!!

  • admin

    Seriously dhunley? You are blaming Obama before he even took OFFICE?


    Will you keep us posted on when Obama starts allowing death row inmates to provide partial-birth, third-trimester abortions at the White House??

    I’m not sure whether this will be before or after he sends around people to take away our guns and bibles, though…

    Plus, since he’ll be so busy with the whole “being the AntiChrist” thing, how will he ever find the time???

  • dhunley

    Dave…are you pretending you don’t understand this? While attempting to belittle me at the same time?

    Let me ask you something. Did you say to yourself “Duuuuhhh…I dunno what this guy’s gonna do—nope, not a clue—but I’m….duuuuhhhhhhh…gonna vote for him anyway!” Because…duuuuuhh…because….duuuuuhhh…well I dunno…just going to I guess!”

    Did you actually say that to yourself? Or did you expect him to pursue the policies that you heard him promote and that you agree with?

    Did you say to yourself “Duuuuhhhhh…I don’t think he’s REALLY gonna institute that carbon cap and trade program —naaaawwwww, that’s just campaign talk!”

    “And he’s not REALLY gonna curtail military spending and weapon development. Naaaaawww—he’s flip-flopped before and he’ll do it now.”

    “And he’s REALLY going to allow off-shore drilling! Yep…gonna let us sit up those big rigs right beside the Chinese and Indians who are already there!”

    Did you REALLY think any of these things? Now, Dave…I know modern liberals are not REALLY great thinkers (despite how much that like to pat themselves on the back for being smarter than everyone else)—but even they are not that dumb!

    They KNEW what he’d do.

    So do investors…so do business people! In fact, these people—these people who have to get real results from their efforts in order to succeed—unlike college professors who live in a world of ideas independent of the necessity of positive results—are more attuned to what’s going on than a bunch of Hollywoodheads.

    Hollywoodheads and others who can’t make a logical argument for anything they believe in—it’s just their opinion and doggone it, anyone who doesn’t agree with them, are just bitter Americans clinging to their guns and their religion.

    But there’s one thing I’m convinced about, and that’s that the modern liberal IS smart enough to blame everyone and everything but themselves for the mess we’re headed for.

    There is only one exception to the contradictions—the kind of contradiction exhibited by Sunny when he/she tried to say humans are merely products of evolution—but special—and it was just his/her opinion—but not really.

    And that exception is “They always blame someone else when their ideas and policies fail.”

    Now—tell me you don’t understand this.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Best line of dhunley’s rant has got to be:
    “They always have to blame someone else when their ideas and policies fail.”

    Thank you George W. Bush, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and Speaker of the House Hastert.

    We just love the deficit you have given us, to say nothing about your wonderful economy.

    We will overlook the 3,000 people killed on 9-11, you have kept us safe since then. We also will give you a pass on the 4,000+ killed in Iraq, that line about a “mushroom cloud” really scared the hell out of all of us.
    So it didn’t work out the way you wanted, hey, we all make mistakes. Hell, even Cheney shot a friend in the face.

    Just like Brownie, Mr. President, you and Dick, and Rummy, and Gonzo, and Pauly did a heck of a job.
    You were the decider, and you proudly made the tough choices.

    dhunley, and 23% of America thank you for all of the tough choices you made during your eight years of leadership. Unlike the liberals, we take responsibility for our ideas and policies. We will gladly wait for history to give us the glory you so richly deserve. Thank you .

  • dhunley

    Exhibit “A”…TGINDH’s comments…the perfect example of what I’m talking about. I rest my case…lol

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, you need to do more than rest your case………………………………….you need to give it a proper burial.
    (at least 6 feet under ground)

  • sunnyborderblue

    gosh dhunley, at least give obama a little bit of time to screw up…….you may be jumping the gun a little here, don’t ya think?

    obama made a pretty good choice in getting paul volcker on board with his administration. i’m sure you know that lots of economists actually give him credit for the ’80’s boom, much to the chagrin of reaganites. to add fuel to the fire, he was tapped by, gasp, jimmy carter (the fella you so eloquently ripped in one of your more recent rantings) but reagan had enough sense to keep him around…….go figure.

    oh well, i’m just a dimwitted money-hating earth-loving liberal who can’t think on my own, per your thinly veiled insinuations. honestly, it’s that kind of stereotyping that doesn’t allow room for solutions. you seem to think that because someone voted a certain way that you have them all figured out. guess what, i vote democrat but don’t like the estate tax – nobody should have to pay taxes twice; i vote democrat but think the welfare system needs a major facelift; i vote democrat but am okay with logging as long as it’s done responsibly; etc……

    again, let’s give obama a little bit of time before declaring he caused the fall of capitalism.

  • dhunley

    Sunny, I’m searching for a word or phrase that best describes you guys. It’s not that I think you guys aren’t smart. Some of you are quite brilliant, in fact.

    But, there is something wrong with the way you process information. You guys are the same kind of people who traveled to the Soviet Union in the 50’s and 60’s and came back saying, essentially, that “Yes indeed, people are starving and dying in the millions as a result of Stalin’s policies—but it’s necessary to get their society where it needs to be!” Yeah…sure! Your ideology has failed EVERY TIME and EVERY WHERE it’s been tried. The closer it gets to socialism, the more misery and death it causes a population. The only way you can claim any kind of success is by redefining success. Like you guys do with social security and our public school system.

    Ultimately, I know it’s because you don’t really care much for mankind; if you loved your fellow man as Jesus commanded, you wouldn’t be willing to swallow and propagate the nonsense you guys do. But that’ll be for you and God to work out…I’ll be praying for you along with our country, our soldiers, and every one else in need.

    Your posts have been a pretty good example of the pure garbage so typical of the people who call themselves “liberal” nowadays.

    For instance, you mentioned that Volcker will have some role in Obama’s economic “recover” efforts. Again…yeah…sure! Let’s ignore all his other leftwing appointments, his leftwing economic ideology, his entire leftwing history—and focus on the appointment of a single “advisor”. It won’t work, of course…but that won’t stop you from trying, will it?

    And let’s pretend that the “recession” started months ago when the employment rate was below 6 percent. And that the latest round of layoffs from Caterpillar, Microsoft, and Lexmark has NOTHING to do with the election of a President who has indicated in every way he is an enemy of capitalism.

    Another example of your nonsense is your “won’t attack any religion” post. You’ll lecture me that it should be the choice of human being to kill another human being…but you’re indicating you’ll NOT attack an intolerant, murderous theocracy that oppresses it’s people in every direction.

    You know in your heart this is wrong…God gave you that knowledge…but you’re willing to suppress it in exchange for something you want. Good luck!

    I could give you endless examples of your contradictory ideology on issues ranging from global warming, to evolution, to social policies—but all you’ll do is deny, divert, and equivocate.

    Yeah…sure…you and others will label this as some sort of radical hate speech…the ranting of some mean-spirited malcontent. Some who do so will do it because of their desire for power—the rest because of their desire for a free ride on the backs of working people. But all of you will know it is the truth.

    In the meantime, bone up on those excuses…and have ready the people you’ll blame as we continue falling apart at the seams.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Gee, I can’t imagine why someone would have an “issue” with dhunley from the past?

    If he would limit himself to Cyberhillbilly, where opposing comments are “deleted”, he would not get so upset.

  • admin

    Wow, dhunley…I never thought it was possible that you could get even more grouchy and disgruntled, but I stand corrected, sir. Bravo!

    It is simple…”your side” had its shot…they came in riding the largest budget surplus in recent memory, consumer confidence was high, people were happy, birds were singing, dogs and cats were living together…it was fantastic (I am exaggerating, of course, but things were mighty nice when Bush took over).

    Now, here we are…8 years later…staring at one of the largest economic messes EVER…in our entire history…THAT is where we are now…yet somehow, you continue to blame liberals and Democrats for this…and that just amazes me.

    I have no idea for sure if Obama can fix this mess in a timely manner, but I have every hope that he can…hell, it only took a few years to CREATE the mess…maybe we can fix it just as fast? I doubt it, but we will see…

    So, you just keep that sunshine-y disposition and rosy outlook going…I wouldn’t know what to do without it!! 🙂

  • dhunley

    Yep…just as I predicted; try to label me as something less than honorable…blame someone else for the situation—and continue believing things you simply cannot support. How is anyone supposed to communicate with you guys?

    Oh…I know, we’re not REALLY supposed to communicate—we’re just supposed to OBEY…for the good of mankind, of course.


  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, “communicate”, what a interesting word choice.

    Oxymoron comes to mind.

  • http://www5.noinfo.info TechKnomen

    HOw about we go on back to the paradigm’s shifters building a bridge?
    The borrowing of major amounts of equity from the so- called Social Security Trust Fund by the Clintonistas
    in the late 1990s to give the illusion of a balanced budget that left a mess for George W. Bush.
    (who I did NOT vote for him or Al Bore, I supported Ron Paul this last time)

    I suspect if it were not for 911 our economy was headed way south, as bad or worse than now, thanks
    to the Bush Clinton Bush NAFTA CAFTA FTAA SHAFTA and the foreign investment incentives, deals on insurances
    and government stock buyups to ship all the knowlege and equipment of 50yrs of industrial base in durable goods production off to the race to the bottom of the cheapest labor in the developing world to conquer communism with capitolism
    Well what happened to Free Enterprise? Did it get declared illegal or just taxed out of existance by a
    administrative 4th branch bureaucracy monster that needs fed on the blood of the working poor?

  • http://www5.noinfo.info TechKnomen

    For every farmer that dies or quits we need to fire what, 40 government workers and their secretaries, auction off their vehicles and such? Everytime a big bunch of jobs go elsewhere government needs to get smaller not bigger.

  • sunnyborderblue

    dhunley – not sure how to respond to your post. i don’t care about mankind? i don’t do what jesus commanded? how the heck do you know? honestly. you don’t know me. we chat and debate a little on a website. period.

    now, you can think my posts are garbage, my ideas/beliefs flawed, my politics skewed, whatever – that’s fine. but, when you start making assumptions on my value system, then that is arrogant and irresponsible on your part.

    as i’ve said before, let’s at least give our president a chance to screw up before we declare him a disaster. we and possibly even you may be surprised.

  • dhunley

    Sunny…you act like this stuff has never been tried. Despite your little pooh-pooh about “socialism” earlier, you didn’t deny it—because you know you can’t. Anyone who can define socialism, or any of the other “ism”s, will recognize it as the ideology of this administration. You can describe a duck with soaring rhetoric—but when it swims, quacks, and waddles our way, it’ll still be a duck we’re getting.

    And since it’s failed every time and every where it’s been tried, only weak thinkers, people who want a free ride, and modern liberals will think it’ll work this time.

    It won’t. It’ll wind up causing misery and despair (and in some countries, it has led to the death) to millions of people—like it always has and always will.

    The only thing left to determine is how to blame it on someone or something else; that’s a little trick that every tin-pot dictator and tyrant from Stalin to Castro has managed to do.

    So…here you are, advocating an ideology that has proven to be fatal to millions of people. Here you are, supporting a President who has sent every signal possible that he intends to pursue the policies that has been demonstrated in every single instance to injure mankind—and you want to bleat about MY arrogance for pointing this out?

    Yeah…sure…I’m buying it.

    And, you say you’re for responsible logging or whatever. Suuuuuuurrrrreeee, I’m sure you’ll be happy with YOUR definition of “responsible” logging. I’m sure your definition of “responsible” logging will include concern for some obscure bird, or tadpole, or some other over-specialized species. Perhaps you might even be concern about the “habitat” for the future of these things.

    BUT—I’ll bet your definition DOESN’T include the possibility of allowing the individual land owners to decide what is “responsible” does it?

    No—but you’re willing to allow an individual the right to decide to kill another living individual.

    So you expect ME to believe you’re concerned about mankind? But if you truly ARE concerned…then, anytime now, I expect you’ll start “attacking” islam or any other “religion” that oppresses people; or I expect you’ll start saying “Hey wait a minute, government ran schools and social security hasn’t worked—so maybe we’d better re-think letting the government be in charge of our health care.”

    I won’t be holding my breath. In the meantime, don’t expect me to be too concerned about your charges of arrogance when I point out the truth.

  • dhunley

    The reason capitalism works so well—and the reason modern liberals hate it so much—is because it gives value to people; it views people as a “resource”. If the idea of being considered a “resource” bothers you, then I invite you to consider how the modern liberal views you—which is you being a “burden”.

    This is how you’re viewed in the world of the modern liberal—as another mouth to feed, a burden to their society, a consumer of their precious resources…and there’s simply too many of you. In fact, I’ve read some modern liberals think (anyone remember Paula?) about FIVE BILLION of us should just vanish—poof…gone…then the world would return to it’s Eden status.

    Another reason capitalism works so well (and another reason modern liberals hate it so much) is because it views every one as an individual capable of making their own decisions; and this is exactly opposite of the way modern liberals view you.

    To a modern liberal, you’re not an individual—you’re just a cog, a speck, a product of your “culture”. True, they’ll say cultures should be respected but, in a complex way that would take some time to explain, that is ONLY because “culture” is something they can use to control you.

    And they CERTAINLY don’t consider you capable of making your own decisions. To the modern liberal you’re a hapless, conscienceless, product of evolution who will destroy the planet and everything in it if not brought under control. THEIR control, mind you.

    And remember, these are the people who don’t think you should exist.

    You SURE you want them to be controlling your health care? Let alone your destiny?

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, when not scheming on ways to “control” you and “force things down your thought”, we also eat live children in our spare time. Other than that we are really ordinary people who wear hats to disguise our horns. See you in church this Sunday.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Don’t forget Feb. 12th. It is Darwin’s birthday. So far there are 565 events in 39 countries scheduled to celebrate this great scientist.

    You can find out more at http://www.darwinday.org

  • dhunley

    Hey TGINDH…did you, by any chance, celebrate his birthday in some special way? Say…oh…I dunno, paying homage to an example of evolution? Or perhaps you lit a candle for every way in which the theory of evolution is scientific, eh?

    Maybe—as a present to the world—you could share these instances with us? It’s waiting, ya know—been waiting a long time, too.

    It’s a disgrace that a group of people who claim to love science would pretend that the theory of evolution is scientific. I’ve challenged Dave on here numerous times to give us an example of evolution or to show how—in any way—the theory of evolution is scientific.

    I’ve gotten nothing—except, of course, several examples of selective breeding and the comment that “the evidence is overwhelming”! Yeah? It is? Well…then, trot out just ONE piece.

    Anyway, TGINDH, no one is actually fooled by this junk—you’ve chosen to believe what you want to believe.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Glad you asked dhunley, we made a trip to Answers in Genesis. Just for laughs!

    We all had our pictures taken while riding the saddled six thousand year new Dinosaur.

    The whole experience was hilarious.

  • dhunley

    And did you answer? Uh…no…just the usual nonsense you guys spout.

    You’re the “mean” kind of evolution supporter. Heck…you’re the “mean” anything supporter. You’re the kind of person that every tyrant and despot in history has used to achieve their goals. You’re not smart enough to be the tyrant yourself—you’d be just one of the little thugs he uses to do his bidding.

    So it’s no surprise to find that you’re an Obama supporter. About the only thing a rational person can do with someone like you is to use you as a foil to expose the shallow thought process that most of you Obama supporters have.

    So…along that thought, I’d like to point out that you haven’t given us one example of evolution—and you haven’t given us one example of how the theory of evolution meets the criteria for a “scientific” theory.

    And you won’t either.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, if you wish to join the crazy people outside of the city libraries, be my guest.

    I have better things to do than argue about a scientific theory, that is accepted by just about all of the world’s scientific community, with an ex- Navy radio man.

    A reading of the Judge’s ruling in the Dover case would put an end to this foolishness, except for those who spout conspiracy theories in front of the library’s.

  • dhunley

    See…you can’t. You simply cannot! Dave can’t, Paula can’t, Sunny can’t. NO ONE CAN! That is the reason you and the rest of them resort to the “accepted by just about all of the world’s scientific community” foolishness.

    And you continue to try to thrown in that red herring about the “Dover case”…the “Dover case”…the”Dover case”. Well…I’ve read the “Dover case”. And it has nothing to do with whether or not the theory of evolution is scientific.

    You guys are as predictable as night following day. First you try to snow someone…when that doesn’t work, you try to bully them. When that doesn’t work, you try to dismiss them. And you’re typical.

    A child could understand this…and that is the very reason you won’t allow the theory of evolution to be even questioned.

    Man…the line of truth here is razor sharp…and you, my friend, have chosen to be on the side of the lie.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, you have the steps of the library, what more do you want!

  • dhunley

    It’s obvious I’ll not be getting any evidence to support evolution. And it’s also obvious I won’t be getting any support for how the theory of evolution is scientific. But…you know what? It doesn’t matter…people who support Obama are as illogical as you are—and they just don’t care. Obama supporters just don’t care about any of this.

    Obama supporters either want power or they want a free lunch. Neither lasts for very long, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves for the misery we’re headed into.

    Humpty-Dumpty is about to fall…and all the newspapers editors, Hollywoodheads, muddle middle college professors, and people like you, TGINDH, won’t be able to put it back together again.

    We’ve chosen, we’ve tossed aside the constitution, the principals of our founding fathers, and we’re turning our face from God. We’re about to be whacked like we never dreamed was possible…and like I said, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Stand by and enjoy, Dave, Sunny, TGINDH, and all you other Obama supporters for what you have wrought.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    Nothing like being “illogical” is there dhunley? 🙂

  • admin

    Dhunley, i’ve responded on SEVERAL occasions with reasons why the theory of evolution IS scientific, but it really doesn’t matter at this point what ANYONE tells you…you’ve made up your mind, and I’m tired of trying to convince you of anything, actually.

    So i have a couple of questions for you, but I’ll start with just this ONE…

    Since you obviously do NOT believe in the Theory of Evolution, what EXACTLY is it that you DO believe? You’ve never actually come right out and stated how YOU think this all came to be…and I want specifics…feeling up to the challenge??

  • dhunley

    That is simply not true, Dave…and it’s amazing that you would even claim something like that. But you’ve made that claim before, haven’t you? And what did I say then? I said “Excuse poor little old dense me, then, and please paste it in here again!”

    Then I got silence. Remember?

    But, in case you don’t…I’ll say it again.

    Excuse poor little old dense me, then, and please paste it in here again.

    As for what I believe…I’ll get to that within a couple of days. In the meantime, I’ll be expecting a cut and space response.

    Have a good one!

  • admin

    What is not true?

    That I’ve posted countless arguments to support my views, or that it doesn’t really matter what anyone tells you, since you’ve already made up your mind?

    Frankly, I’m tired of it. You do nothing but argue and attack, but I’ve never once seen you come on here and tell us all what it is that YOU believe happened, since you don’t believe in evolution.

    So, I’m finished posting anything for you to rant and rail against. I’m convinced that the Theory of Evolution IS scientific, you are convinced it is not….I think I can live with that.

    So, are you really willing to get on here and share with all of us just exactly what it is that YOU think happened that led to life on this planet as we know it today?

    Because until you are, I think I’m finished talking about this subject.

    Also, you hijacked a story (the one all of these comments are attached to) about improving the electric grid and infrastructure to simply take another opportunity to bash Obama.

    Do YOU have any ideas on how to fix it all, or are you content to just trash everyone else’s views and ideas without actually ever having to offer a suggestion of your own?

    Because to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen you offer even ONE solution of your own…you simply wait for everyone else to speak and then attack THEIR views. All that really does is let us know what you think won’t work or what isn’t right, but it does nothing to tell anyone just exactly how YOU have it all figured out.

    So…are you ready to share?

  • dhunley

    I believe the Bible…literally. I thought you knew that. I am a Christian. However, that doesn’t mean I understand how life began…how it got to where it is now…or where it might be going. That’s because there are levels of “truth” that are beyond my comprehension.

    Did the people who wrote the words “from the dust you came and to the dust you shall return” really know—before we knew about molecules and atoms and such—how literally true that statement was? They just knew it was true. Just like I know it’s true that God created life.

    Yes…it’s a matter of personal faith. Not only am I comfortable with that, I now realize it can be no other way. It HAS to be way. If there was a necessary, physical “proof” that could be shown by man, then it could be hidden by man.

    So yes, I’ll admit it is faith and nothing more on my part—but you won’t. You keep insisting that you have “proof” of evolution…that it is “scientific”—but you have never been able to offer any evidence to support either.

    And there’s the rub between us. I stand ready to be corrected at any time…you won’t even allow the possibility or even the discussion of the possibility.

    Now…you asked for some “solutions” to the “problems” that we’re currently facing.

    Well…sure, I’ll offer them but you won’t like them….because they involve less government, more personal freedom, and the protection of life. And, I’m sure you’re not going to like it when I say most of the “problems” you want “solutions” for are problems CAUSED by people who think like Obama supporters.

  • dhunley

    My “solutions” to “problems”? I’ll run down a couple real quick…and get more in depth later.

    The first thing I’d do is empower the Teachers and school system to allow them to do their job—which is the TEACH THEIR SUBJECT MATTER. It ISN’T to be “parents”, friends, mentors, or confidantes. It is simply to TEACH THEIR SUBJECT MATTER to the best of their ability.

    We’re hamstringing the good Teachers out there by pretending they can be all things to all students. BUNK AND BULL.

    The ideology you now embrace has been in control of our school system for 40 years now…and what has been the result? Utter failure! And only a modern liberal would call a system that fails to teach 40% of its students how to read and write anything BUT a failure.

    Education is of utmost importance if we’re going to continue being a great nation. We need the talents and critical thinking skills of our “oncoming horde of barbarians” (to quote some famous educator? . I firmly believe that a person with adequate critical thinking skills (and who actually cared about mankind) would never have voted for Obama.

    I’d be the Teachers and educational system’s best friend.

    I’d change the tax code so that every dime a child gave to an elderly parent would come STRAIGHT OFF their taxes. In fact, I’d expand it to include ANYONE who rendered aid and assistance to a senior citizen…friend, neighbor, organization, or even a passer-by.

    No senior citizen would have to worry about food, shelter, or medical care.

    Of course, I’d have to alter our current spending priorities. I’d take actions that has proven to raise revenue every time…and that would include CUTTING CORPORATE TAXES! Right now, we got the second highest corporate taxes in the industrial world…we’re punishing the produces and creators of wealth.

    I’d create a flat-tax system of about 18 percent that would make it fair to everyone. Everyone would have equal representation…everyone would have “skin in the game” so that they would be VERY INTERESTED in keeping ME straight about how I spent THEIR money.

    But I’d also do something REALLY radical. I’d actually CUT governmental spending. I wouldn’t just propose a 1.5 trillion dollar budget…then settle on 1.4 and claim I had cut spending. Only a modern liberal would fall for that junk.

    No…I’d actually CUT SPENDING. Gone would be money for junk like National Endowment for the Arts. Anyone want art…they get to choose which art they like by getting to pay for it.

    I’d end governmental supported discrimination wherever it reared its ugly head. Yeah…yeah…what first comes to mind is your beloved “affirmative action” nonsense—but there are other examples of it too. They’d be GONE within the first 100 days.

    I’d work hard to disabuse everyone of the silly notion of “Multicultural Pluralism”. Every person is a unique individual…entitled to the freedom to make their OWN decisions…to live their life as they see fit.

    More later…

  • dhunley

    Man! You guys too embarrassed to speak or something? Can’t blame you, really. Obama has been a disastor just like I told you he would. And he’ll continue to be…the ideology of the left (you modern liberals) has never worked and will never work. Sheeeessshh…you guys like to think you’re smarter than every one else—-yet you can’t read a history book and figure out what comes from people who think like Obama supporters?

    In the meantime…how low can we go? How low can we go?

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    dhunley, to answer your question…………..we will go as low as the eight years of W. Bush will take us.

    With the current approval rating of Obama, it seems obvious that the only dissenters are listening to Rush “the boss” Limbaugh.

  • sunnyborderblue

    dhunley – looks like everyone is just tired of trying to have a civilized conversation with you, or at least i am.

    by the way, it’s disaster……….ooooo, i’m too smart for my own good.


  • admin

    lol….dhunley…did you seriously come on here and post this on the day the Dow gained like 400 points? and now today it is going nuts again, up over 200 as of right now??

    listen…whether you want to believe it or not, i agree with you on a few of the things you believe in…i disagree with a great deal more…but still…i have managed to find a little common ground with you.

    but i just cannot see the point in continuing to discuss things with someone who is just so dead-set that he’s right and everyone else is wrong.

    i’m not even sure that this is THE original dhunley that we are talking to any more…if it is you, you’ve really, really drifted too far away from being the kind of person that i want to even have a discussion with.

    i’m sorry…but that’s just the way i see it at this point.

  • dhunley

    Yeah…well…I’m done too. It’s obvious that words and logic will have no effect on someone so immersed in their ideology that they refuse to see what is in front of their nose.

    I’m afraid this country has reached the point that a revolution will be required; the only thing remaining to be seen is whether or not it will be a “French” revolution—with all the blood and carnage that entailed; or whether it will be an “American” revolution that restores freedom, ensures the protection of life and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

    Just one thing for Sunny. It is not an indication of an “advanced brain” that holds a contradictory position on an issue; it is the sign of a weak mind struggling to believe what they want to believe in spite of the facts before them. Only you can deal with that dilemma and only when you’re ready to be honest with yourself.

    Be aware that, in the end, truth will always win out and it will be up to each and every one of us to decide which side we want to be on.

    Good night and good luck.

  • Thank God, I’m not dhunley

    We can all take comfort knowing that a law abiding citizen like yourself would never join in a “bloody” French style Revolution.

    Now where did I put my Ambien?