Got your groceries? (1-20-2011)

Got your goodies yet?

With a general 2-5 inches of snow being forecast for later today in to tonight, bread and milk may be scarce in the grocery aisles right now.  I always kid about how folks run out to stock up on food when the least bit of snow is forecast, but truth be told, lots of people in our county live in places where the sun doesn’t always reach, so it doesn’t take too much snow to make it awfully hard for them to get to town.

Also, there just a part of me that always hopes we get whopper of a snow that forces us all to stay in our homes for a few days, and I think that’s what drives some to go get cartloads of goodies, as well…because, as we all know, if you are snowed in, you are basically allowed to eat anything you want!  Cookies…moon pies…bacon…have at it!

So…what about you?  Do you stock up when a snow is in the forecast, or do you think it is silly?