American Idol just doesn’t “get” us…

OK…I hate to even admit I watch American Idol, but…I do.  My wife and I still love the show…still pick our favorites to go all the way…still get angry when good singers get sent home and bad ones move on.  It is a  sickness…we know that.

Anyway, this year, they held auditions in Louisville, and the show aired last night (January 21).  For the most part, they didn’t make Kentuckians look TOO bad, but we didn’t exactly come across as well adjusted, either.

However, one of the hopefuls came in and sang “White Lightnin’”, by George Jones, and at the end, they didn’t really vote.  They just sort of stared at him until he walked away.

As he was leaving, he told them all to take care, and to “be careful”…to which the judges had a freak out.  See for yourself:


Now, I don’t know about you all, but I fairly regularly tell folks to be careful…so I have to disagree with Paula.  People DO say things like that to each other around here, and it definitely is not a threat, as Simon seems to think.

So, you think maybe they’ll come back around these parts any time soon??