Obama speaking tonight…will anyone be listening?

Well, it is hard to imagine Obama has been in office for a year now. Seems like only yesterday when he was speaking to us and talking about the change he was going to bring to Washington.

So…a year later, what has changed?

Unemployment…still at record highs.

Oil prices…on the move UP after a dip earlier this year.

Health care…stalled as we wait for the new Republican Senator to be sworn in for Massachusetts.

The Environment…still there.

The Troops…still there, too.

Honestly, I still have faith that Obama can make good things happen for us. What I’m afraid of, however, is that he may have underestimated how hard it is to actually bring change and progress to Washington, DC…a city that is about as receptive to both of those as the NRA is to Michael Moore.

Big Health has Big Pockets.  Big Oil has HUGE pockets.  And legislators have Big Hands (the better to make all of our problems seem smaller)…and they are always out reaching for more money.  So it takes more than one person to bring about change.  it takes a LOT of cooperation, something the Democrats have not shown a lot of here lately. (they also seem to be running a bit short on the “listening to the people” thing too, turns out)

But, before any folks on the right jump up and say “HA!” or “We told you so!” about Obama, let me remind you that it was 8 years of your sterling leadership that put us in this mess.  Hell, I’m starting to think it may have been on purpose.

The Super-Secret Association of the Republican Master Plan made sure Bush got elected (and reelected), knowing he would completely screw the country into a hole so deep sunlight cannot penetrate it and oxygen does not exist.  Then, with the country in an uproar, the people would be ready for a change…someone with much promise and new energy.  BUT…the plan for 2008 was not to WIN the election, no, no…it was to make sure they LOST the election.  Why the hell else would McCain pick Sarah Palin as his running mate?

Nope…they wanted the Democrats to win, because they knew they’d be inheriting such a mess it would take divine intervention from Zeus himself to set things back on track.  Then, as the mess continues to worsen, and the country continues to lose faith in their new Bringer of Hope, the Republicans are in a perfect position to swoop in and REALLY take things over.  Republicans ride the wave of discord and pick up new senate seats…house seats…governor’s offices…

And unlike their Democrat counterparts, the Republicans will not break ranks once they take the country by the throat again.  No, they will squeeze what remaining life there is out of the middle class…they will overturn Supreme Court decisions…they will have no regard for the environment or the people who live in it…they will wage wars where none need to be waged…a right-wing wet-dream.

Of course, that may not come to pass…the world is set to end in December 2012, so…we’ve got that to look forward to. 🙂  Plus, that’s really giving the Republicans too much credit…isn’t it??

I don’t know that I’ll be watching Obama tonight…not because I don’t still believe in him…or because I threw my remote through the TV screen last night after the Cats lost.

No, I still have faith, but as they say…actions speak louder than words, and right now, I need to see some action.