I’m back!

Well, I’m back in civilization today.  We have been without electric at our house since late in the day Tuesday, so I have been at home in the dark.  I ventured back to work today, in order to pick up a generator from a friend.  I wouldn’t have worried about it really (I sorta like it with no electricity or tv or anything, turns out!)…but our deep freezers were going to need some juice shortly or we would have lost all of our food we had frozen.

Shortly after I got to work today, my wife called and let me know that we now have lights again, so that is good.  To all of you folks who are still out there with no power, hang in there…hopefully they will be in your area soon.  I know they are working as hard as they can, and enough cannot be said about the job they are doing now, especially with conditions the way they are.

A couple of quick notes today to get discussions flowing…

– Looks like Judge Conley doesn’t care too much for the Topix web site…I saw it mentioned in the Scorcher this week.  Who DOES like that site??

– What was originally predicted to be an all-out blizzard early next week for our area may be falling apart.  Weather models today are showing the storm taking a more eastern track, which would have it missing us with the heavy stuff.  We are not out of the woods yet, however…many of the models this year have done something similar, only to shift things back to the East at the last minute.  Also, there is some concern that the data is being skewed because many of the aircraft that are used for monitoring conditions in Alaska are being diverted from normal flight paths, due to the impending volcano eruption there.  This alteration of data could be part of the cause for the latest model runs…stay tuned!!

– Kentucky goes back in action tomorrow agains South Carolina.  Hopefully we can work out whatever happened at Ole Miss.

  • Kathy

    What did Mr Conley say Dave?
    I wish somehow the “city” forums of topix could be shut down.

  • admin

    I believe he referred to it as a “blight” on the community. It was brought up during the recent New Cities meetings (which was an odd place to mention it, but nonetheless…)

    I’m just glad nobody there said that I was involved with it in any way..lol…whew!! 🙂

  • Kathy

    Yeah I know what you mean. That is why I stopped commenting on the WL forum. Too embarrassing to let anyone think I would associate myself with the “trash”.

  • mountainman

    Well we can tear or should I say finish tearing up the constitution,GW got a really good start during his stint.If you want to shut people up lets vote to change to a communist government.Push old tim on up to castro status and we will have it made.Maybe we can have a factory here making the little red patches they wear on their uniforms.Oh by the way you have untill 6:oo’clock pm monday to turn in your guns. People should conduct themselves in a more responsible manner but in a free society you take the good with the bad.We don’t have to listen if we chose not to ,that is the good part. We can go to the church of our choice tomorrow.God Bless America!!!!!!

  • http://www5.noinfo.info TechKnomen

    Well there is no moderators on TOPIX just censors, I have seen all sorts of derogatory, malicous slander on
    TOPIX(have not read the WL forum and/or the Morgan Co.) and nobody deletes it but some subjects that are polically uncomfortable get the ax? Don’t dare have a honest discussion on race or the ignorance of the n-word (and it being a mis- pronouncement of a river in afrika.) BUT you can smear the reputation of anyone using all maner of foul mouthed gutter speak?

    NO one is calling for communism type censorship, I do not think !
    TOPIX is worse for Censorship than wikipedia, they have improved with criticism TOPIX does not.


  • sunnyborderblue

    welcome back dave! we lost power last tuesday night and i stood outside for a long time listening to trees fall and limbs break. it was surreal, no buzz of electricity and clear as a bell! fun for a couple of days………

    i just want to say that i think the folks at LVRECC are doing a terrific job getting the county up and running again. it’s hard and dangerous work and i wouldn’t trade places with them for a minute. kudos to their effort!

    went to the south carolina game. the first i’ve been to in the billy g. era (was living away last year). i have to say that it was pretty disappointing and that south carolina was a very very well coached team. it didn’t kill my appetite or anything though……i still got a belly full at desha’s!

  • http://www.appalachianroots.blogspot.com Judy B

    Hi Dave,
    Glad to hear you’re back in the light and on The Minute!

    We had a couple of days of power outage here in Lexington, but am fine now. Toby and Bruce lived in the front room with just the fireplace for a week or so. Wanted to stay there and try to keep the water from freezing. The hosp brought him oxygen. Funny, but most of us back home grew up with just a stove or fireplace in the living room. Now we can see that it’s truly a hardship, somehow our ancestors endured, didn’t they.

    Visit my blogspot Dave. I’m learning to write!


  • admin

    Hi Judy!

    Good to hear from you. I’m glad everyone was able to make it through OK with the lights out. I know it was particularly stressful for folks with oxygen and other needs.

    I’ll check out your blog. I popped in for a quick visit and it looked great. I’ll dig in more thoroughly very soon!

  • admin


    the folks who have been working on getting the lights back on for everyone are definitely doing a fantastic job. hard and dangerous work, for sure.

    so…tomorrow night’s game for UK is pretty big…any thoughts sunny?

  • recc bad

    “the folks who have been working on getting the lights back on for everyone are definitely doing a fantastic job. hard and dangerous work, for sure.”

    Yea right its ran by morons

  • ms hickory

    i agree with recc bad,the recc office has always had a big issue with not listening to thier customers.even when a ligitimate problem occurs its never thier fault or thier problem.thier mentality has always been and will always be you deal with it,i’m busy! it saddens me to think of all the poor elderly who did without elecrticty for over a week while they were so busy reconecting those with a little pull or a little money throughout morgan and surounding areas .the poor were the ones who were in need and they acted as if they were expendible or worse yet,outright trash! shame on you recc,shame!! bad buisness always gets its justcomupince !

  • sunnyborderblue

    re: recc bad and ms hickory

    wow – some people never cease to amaze me. the folks at recc worked around the clock under terrible conditions and this is all you have to say. that’s really sad……..

  • RECC Bad

    “re: recc bad and ms hickory

    wow – some people never cease to amaze me. the folks at recc worked around the clock under terrible conditions and this is all you have to say. that’s really sad……..”

    At least I’m not in here debateing in a childish manner I think more of myself to lesson myself to that degree.

    By your remark I take it that you havn’t had to deal with them.I have first off they ran power across my property without a rightaway.2nd off they were working just below my fathers who is is ill and have to have oxygen and breathing treatments and had to drop what they were doing to run over and run Oldfields a new line just because he has about 3million in the bank over at town.When we tried to get them to come back and splice the one wire that was broke they just blew us off and smarted off.And why do I know what they were doing its because the most of my family works with RECC and they were even sickened by the way they were handling the situation.Going for the richer and better known people then poor man and the sick.
    So I guess I will agree with your comment “some people never cease to amaze me”,But sometimes you will have to pull head out and take a look around.
    And nother reason I much about RECC is I felt what their doing is something I’ll wait and take up with them on my terms because they will have to come and run them lines across my property sometime and I like to handle my business in person instead of behind a keyboard.

  • sunnyborderblue

    recc bad,

    actually, you are on here debating in some childish…..oh, nevermind 🙂

    anyway, i’m not saying that mistakes were not made – i have no idea but it was a big big job and so the likelihood is pretty good. the point that i was trying to make is that we should give those people a pat on the back for a job well done overall, instead of just pointing out the negative. it was a frustrating experience for lots of people and i thought our little community pulled together nicely.

    i sincerely hope you are able to resolve your problems with recc. take care.

  • recc bad

    In Debating in a childish manner wasn’t just for this topic either.

    And if you take look at my first post I was Trying to be nice but you can tell by 2nd one I more so stated the problem.It wasn’t just a few they neglected every one on the magoffin and wolfe line area of morgan.And when they did come in to the area and start to work and one of those big wigs would call about their electric being out they would leave and would be seen for 2-3 days .
    I know of a instance a few years back they done a guy like that with a transformer.It took them 4 trips to fix it and never came back for the old transformer.So honestly I can’t say they do a good job