Tracking the Snowy Beast (2-1-2011)

If you have been near a TV or the internet over the past 24-hours, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard about the MAJOR winter storm that is preparing to chew up and spit out a large part of the country.

The mess has already started in Colorado, with ice and FRIGID temperatures, and Oklahoma is currently taking a beating from heavy snow and strong winds.  Missouri appears to be next in line, with Illinois and Indiana on deck after that.  They are calling for over 2 FEET of snow in some areas, along with over an inch of ice.  To say that things are going to get messy would be an understatement.

We are going to miss out on the wintry part of this storm, although it does appear we could get some snows in here tomorrow evening as the cold front blows through.  In the meantime, prepare for some VERY high winds and potentially heavy rains.  I don’t suspect this thing will take a different track than what is being forecast, but with the nasty stuff being less than 100 miles away for a lot of the state, it wouldn’t take much of a shift in the storm track to really mess up Wednesday for some folks in the Commonwealth.

As we all tie down any loose objects outside, here are some links to help you keep up with Snowbeast 2011:

Current air temps (as of this post, there is a -36 AIR temp in Montana….brrrr!)

Some cool web cam links (particularly awesome to me are the St. Louis cam, the Wrigley Field cam, and the Times Square cam)

Current US Radar