Morgan Schools closed tomorrow and Wednesday (Feb. 6-7)?

ok…i am all for being proactive, but last time i checked, weather prediction wasn’t really an EXACT science…but morgan county has already called off school for tuesday and wednesday?

now, as a kid, i’d be tickled to DEATH with this…and frankly, i hope it snows 3 feet! …but are we so optimistic for snow now that we are canceling school at the mere MENTION of it??

  • bigjimslade

    All I know is that I have chosen the wrong profession. Education or Meteorology is looking pretty good right now. To be able to have your work week dictated by someone whose job holds no accountability is pretty awesome!

  • admin

    ok…correction to the story…it has NOT been officially cancelled for wednesday, but there is no school tomorrow in morgan county…and i bet they cancel it for wednesday by this evening. 🙂

  • woodsbendgirl

    the reasons for calling off school is not for snow reasons but for it being so blasted cold. a county close to us threw a fit b/c their children had to stand out in the cold waiting for the bus and no other school systems had to…so now counties are closing b/c of the very low temperatures.

    as for the rest of the week…we shall see. morgan county is supposed to get up to 6 inches of snow wednesday. if this should happen…there will be no school for the rest of the week as well.

  • admin

    thank you for the correction, woodsbendgirl. it is awfully cold…i can’t remember ever having school called off when i was a kid because of the cold….but then again, i can’t remember things that just happened last week, so there you go!

  • woodsbendgirl

    you are right…they never have called school off b/c it was cold but parents in other districts have made such a deal of it…we had to call it off along w/others as well. i guess it is kinda bad for the little and big kids to stand out or walk to the end of their roads in the frigid temps to meet the bus. if it was me…i would get in my car and drive them to the end of the road but i guess some do not have transportation.

    go to…we are going to get the biggest snow of the year!

  • newsflash

    there is no reason for not having school in cold temps, i agree with admin, they didnt cal it off when i was little and had to stand out in the cold and just wondering if Mr gold has ever heard of the phrase”one/two hour delay”, it would be a miracle if he learned to use those words