Big storms headed our way maybe?

Talk about freaky weather. Yesterday (February 4th) was the 10th anniversary of the “dusting” of snow that happened in 1998. All of the forecasters predicted we would get little or no snow, and I woke up at my apartment in Lexington to find like 10 inches on the ground.

Contrast that to today, which seems like a spring day. The sun is popping out now, which is probably going to warm things up, which will likely make the air even MORE unstable, so that when the cold front arrives later on, things could get messy. So far, it looks like high winds are going to be our main concern (just like last week), but it bears keeping an eye on.

I know what you’re thinking…”he does the weather now, too??”…well, not exactly. I look to my man Chris Bailey and his WKYT weather blog….check it out!