• http://rowanreview.com dhunley

    Why the anxiety, Dave? What is so troubling about ANY of this? It sounds to me like the human potential is what is exponential in nature. For the life of me I can’t understand why this distresses you so. Why does it? Is it a natural inclination toward gloom and doom, or what?

    Dave, this is just the beginning!!! And the free people that is America will be on the cusp of all this…joining other free people around the world as possibilities arise that will amaze and astound us.

    THAT IS…if we don’t succumb to the pessimism that is so prevalent among the left today.

    The shared language of freedom—ENGLISH—will continue to spread and help people around the world shed their individually encumbering ideas of “culture” and help people march toward their own destiny.

    THAT IS…if we don’t sell our freedom to politicians like McCain, Obama, and Clinton in exchange for the false promise of security.

    Americans and other free people will develop nanotechnology that will target individual cancer cells…helping to reduce or eliminate the current scrounge that is cancer.

    THAT IS…if we don’t throttle our current medical system under the burden of some kind of government managed health care system.

    The minds that give rise to those tools that can out-compute the human mind will use those tools just like we use vehicles that go faster than we can run; just like we use tools that can fly even though we can’t; just like we use microscopes and telescopes to see more than we can see with our own eyes.

    THAT IS…if we finally purge ourselves of the strangle hold that the NEA has on our schools that thwart any REAL learning in the name of some nonsense like “multicultural pluralism”.

    THAT IS…if we allow the schools, colleges, and universities that support teachers and professors who preach such nonsense as “over-population”, or “global warming”, or “multicultural pluralism” to shrivel up and fade away—which is what would happen if and when we ever allow parents to send kids to the schools of their choice.

    That is the biggest immediate obstacle to our continued advancement and well-being that I see; our being forced to continue to support schools that are failing our children miserably and harbor people who can’t THINK any better than to spout the nonsense cited above.

    Dave, what is it about life that makes you so fearful? That makes you soooooo quickly accept the negative side of things and studiously ignore the positives?

    Ah well…at least you have your belief in evolution to fall back on, eh? Which means, whatever happens just happens…without intent, plan, or purpose, or consequences. Nothing whatsoever to get worked up about—let alone have an anxiety attack!

  • nighthawk

    We don’t even have to sell our freedom to politicians like McCain, Obama, and Clinton in exchange for the false promise of security, they have already taken it by storm.

    I’m starting to wonder if the election tallies, and I mean the TRUE election tallies, are even counted anymore.

    And there’s Hitlary all over CNN all dressed up and acting like America’s #1 Mom of the ’70’s Carrol Brady for crying out loud…
    Are people so feeble minded that they don’t see the illusion!?!

    Next time you see Hitlary, pay attention to the Mrs. Brady (bunch) Makeup Job and faked mannerisms. I’ll tell you one thing for sure… She’s not that person in real life.

    Sorry guys, I’ve jumped way off topic again.