I gar-on-TEE its gonna be a good sports weekend!

Justin WilsonWell, depending on which forecast you look at, we’re either in for more cold rain tonight, an inch or 2 of snow, or possibly 4 or more…I’m not even sure which I’d prefer at this point.  I love a good snow, but since we don’t seem to GET very many GOOD snows any more, I’d just as soon it go on ahead and get warm now.

However, if it DOES snow you in this weekend, you shouldn’t have a shortage of good sporting events to check out, a couple  of which will involve the Bayou Country.

First off, the Kentucky Wildcats will battle the Tigers of LSU, who have not exactly been playing like Tigers of late.  More like tabby cats…neutered tabby cats.  Besides the fact that they have an annoying color scheme, they also have a player in Tasmin Mitchell who I am pretty sure played with Shaquille O’Neal when he was there.  LSU has lost 8 in a row, and UK should cruise pretty easily, but…it is a game, on the road, in the SEC….so…anything can happen.  It WON’T…but it could.

I listen to my gut and my gut tells me Kentucky 87 – LSU 64, but my heart says this could be close, and gut’s a damn moron. So they get to carryin’ on and then my brain chimes in saying I got to try my hand at the fast paced world of sports wagering…

Sorry…got off on a tangent there.  Let’s just say Kentucky wins, and move on to the next most relevant game this weekend…the Super Bowl.

The Saints of New Orleans will battle it out with the Colts of Indianapolis.  Since Pittsburgh isn’t involved, my interest level isn’t really that high for the game.  However, I like to use the Super Bowl as an excuse to eat snack foods for 4 hours…not that I NEED an excuse to do that.

I guess in this one, I’ll be rooting for the underdog Saints.  Partly because I think it would be a feel-good story for New Orleans, and partly because I don’t partake in the Manning Lovefest that the National Media does.  It isn’t that I hate Peyton/Eli…but I’m just not a big fan.  So…put all that together, and I guess that makes me a Saints fan this weekend.

So, make sure you’ve got your bread and milk…and chips and guacamole…and wings and beer…and crawfish pie and filet gumbo…and cozy up on the couch this weekend for some pretty good sports action.  Son-of-a-gun, we’re gonna have big fun. (sorry…but I had to do that)