some new blogs!

hey folks. just wanted to tell you to be sure and check out the links on the left and right sides of the pages here.  you’ll notice over there on the right something called “blog o’ the moment”.  that lists the most recently updated blog on the site.  see, the Morgan Minute is now more than just ONE site…it will be able to grow and grow!  we’ve already got a couple of new additions, and hopefully you’ll consider adding your own blog!

to the left, you’ll notice the blogroll.  that’s a collection of links to other blogs OUTSIDE of  right now it is isn’t very populated, but please let me know about any good blogs out there and  i’ll take a look and consider adding it to the roll.  some of the content on those sites may not be exactly “cleaned up” the way the content here is, so just keep that in mind if you go traveling around in those links.  not to say we’re heavily edited here…just trying to keep it somewhere between PG-13 and R, i guess.  i’ve even got MY personal blog listed over there (not sure how good of an idea that is…we shall see!  it is filled with thoughts and musings that i don’t necessarily feel are appropriate here on, but felt were important enough to blog about, anyways. it is called “mindracket“.

well, a hearty welcome to the new bloggers and all you visitors!  let’s see if we can keep this thing going strong.  we’ve all got a voice inside us that needs to be heard.  what does YOUR voice have to say?? 🙂