Coming Soon: Gooder Internet

Interweb? Where is this interweb?

(And yes…I realize it is not “gooder”)

Some pretty big news was announced this week for Mountain Telephone.  They were awarded a large grant to help expand broadband in their 4 coverage counties.

“An Eastern Kentucky telephone company will receive $78 million in federal stimulus funds to provide high-speed Internet to four rural counties, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday.

With the funding, the Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp. of West Liberty plans to add broadband service in Morgan, Elliott, Menifee and Wolfe counties starting this year.

The project will result in about 42 jobs, according to the company’s stimulus application.”

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This could pave the way for running fiber to everyone’s homes, which would open up lots of exciting new features for subscribers, including IPTV (TV over your phone lines), faster service, etc.  All of this could combine to make the area more attractive to tech firms, as well.

Sounds good to me!